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No Signal Alert Pro, view location of dead zones on your map!

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  1. AJRocha

    AJRocha Member

    Dear community,

    We just released a fully featured version of our popular free app No Signal Alert. No Signal Alert Pro is now in the market for $0.99 and it comes with some really cool features, here's a short description and screenshots of our app.

    No Signal Alert detects when your phone is in a "dead zone" or with zero bars and sends a customized alert of your choice (sound, vibrate, led, etc).

    * Customize your alert
    * Map view of your dead zones
    * Signal statistics
    * Supports GSM and CDMA




  2. S.Anderson

    S.Anderson New Member

    Awesome. This would really help alot. Also I live around that area so thanks for the heads up on the no signal zones lol.

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