No Signs of life on my HTC Tattoo

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  1. Abdelilah

    Abdelilah New Member

    My Tattoo HTC, running Android, was stopped three days ago. And it didn't want to start again.

    The Shut Down happened by itself. It was in charge connected to my PC with OS XP.

    It vibrated twice, then it stopped. And since it didn't want to boot. No sign of life.

    PS: I haven't seen anything on the Phone Screen... Cause i haven't been next to. Just Heard the vibrating, after checking ... the phone was dead.

    Any help ... please and thank you.


  2. symond

    symond Well-Known Member

    i think best thing to do is contact htc

    or try holding down valume botten n than press the power botten maybe that will help just wipe all data if it shows up
  3. echoes0666

    echoes0666 New Member

    I rooted my HTC tattoo and after rebootting, phone is dead. Only thing that I can see on the screen is "HTC" letters. I tried to reset the phone, but "sd card" can't be recognised. When I choose reset, it starts but can't finish because it can't find some files. I try to put sd card to another phone and I found everything is the same as it was before rooting, so I don't understand why is it saying that SC card can't be found?

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