'No Sim' and 'SD card removed' error. How to Backup on PC?

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  1. armughans

    armughans Member

    A few days back I fell down with my Desire in my pocket(little electrocution was involved o_O). I don't think there was direct impact on the phone and all the hardware seemed fine but I got an error that there was no Sim in phone and also 'Sd card removed, insert SD card'. I restarted the phone a few times and the sim started working again and after a few tries so did the SD card but the problem with SD card continued. It worked sometimes after a few restarts but mostly it was removed.

    I checked the Sim and SD card in other phones and both work fine. Today I tried again to get the SD card working and restarted the phone but this time I got the 'No Sim' error again and it has not changed after many restarts and battery pulls. i tried other Sim and SD card in my phone but they also don't work. I think it is a software issue and i need to restore factory defaults on the phone but I want to backup my phone data. I have synced with Outlook but also want to save my sms messages and other data if possible.

    Is there anything I can try to fix this or backup my phone data on PC other than Outlook?

  2. armughans

    armughans Member

    I tried factory reset and still getting the same error.. guess have to give it in for repairs :mad:

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