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  1. kamaleon

    kamaleon Member

    Does anyone know why I cannot find skype in the market? :(

  2. Budius

    Budius Member

    because unfortunately there isn't one :(
    used to have a lil piece of crap called skype lite, which was a piece of crap.

    This "lite" used your actual phone minutes to make or receive any skype call... pretty dull!!
    There are a few generic messengers app on the market that connects to the skype, a simple google on it u can find.
  3. jasoraso

    jasoraso Well-Known Member

    The reason you can't find Skype in the Market is that you aren't on Verizon. That's right - Verizon somehow convinced Skype to sign a deal with the devil - and so Skype apparently is only available to Verizon Android phones. And to make things worse, Skype ONLY functions over 3G - not Wi-fi.

    As you can tell, I'm a little ticked off that the Skype chose to go this route, and I'm even on Verizon. Last time I traveled to Europe, I took my Verizon WinMo phone, Samsung i730 and used it to call the U.S. using Skype via wifi. Guess that won't work now.

    The only good part of the Verizon/Skype product, is that you can call internationally now using Skype and it is on the 3g network, which can be a good thing - it is just a pity you can't choose to use it on wi-fi instead.
  4. Nodders

    Nodders Well-Known Member

    Just use fring
  5. mdsj

    mdsj Well-Known Member

    what is fring?
  6. Nodders

    Nodders Well-Known Member

    Fring is an app that supports quite a few IM standards, including Skype VOIP. You have to create a fring account, but once you have done so you can log into your Skype account and merrily talk to your contacts there. It uses WiFi or 3G. I use it quite regularly and does the trick well. Search on the market to find it.
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  7. kamaleon

    kamaleon Member

    Skype is not working for me with fring. It says subscribing and it stays like that...
  8. kamaleon

    kamaleon Member

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