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  1. DJAmanda

    DJAmanda New Member

    Hi all, I have a Huawei U8510 Blaze... It has been a jem up until yesterday.. I done nothing at all to it, but i notice people send me SMS messages only by looking! It is not set to silent or vibrate all the volume are high but it does not play the Notification sounds any more... I have tried the system sounds as well as mine on my Sd card and theres nothing! When i try them in the settings they play fine and i can hear them and i can also hear the clicks and keyboard sounds fine.. just when someoen sends me a sms i dont know about it until i check the phone! PLZ help!!! xx:)

  2. Angmarwitch

    Angmarwitch New Member

    Hi Amanda. First open the SMS messaging application on your phone, then press the menu key (the soft touch key above the metal button). This should open a setting menu thats specifically for messaging, you can set your message notification preferences there, scroll down to the bottom of the menu. :)
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  3. sahmuelhz

    sahmuelhz New Member

    I am in the same boat,Amanda
  4. sahmuelhz

    sahmuelhz New Member

    Hi Angmarwitch,I have had the same problem as Amanda but after executing yo advice the sms notification sound has resurrected,thank you.
  5. miniature45

    miniature45 Well-Known Member


    Thank you, this has sorted out my lack of sound when I get a text.
  6. rfalk

    rfalk New Member

    I am a proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy Y and it stopped beeping when new text messages arrive.
    I've tried every setting and even tried a reset factory settings. Nothing helped.
    So I wrote an app to do this. Mind you, I did it mostly to solve my own problem.
    It's free, there's no GUI and no ads.
    If anyone is interested I uploaded it to Google Play at

    Roy Falk

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