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  1. fezza

    fezza New Member

    I've got all latest updates, i've reset phone twice.
    Sometimes when i'm done charging my phone and unplug it I lose all sound, even if I try turn it up it still wont work. I have to restart my phone for the sound to come back.
    Has anyone got any idea what's going on with the phone?

  2. ninety-six

    ninety-six New Member

    i've experienced the same thing but worse case, it can go for days without sound :(
  3. baa.cha0.ra

    baa.cha0.ra New Member

    Hi, My HTC Incredible S was bought in Hong Kong. Even I have the same problem of my handset going silent even when all the sound settings are at the max. The phone doesn't sound when I receive a call,a message,a mail or a notification. Nor can I play music. I have tried restarting & factory resetting only to find that all these have been only temporary solutions. Will HTC take note?
  4. fezza

    fezza New Member

    Anyone know of a fix to this problem or had similar issue?
    Still waiting for reply from HTC about it :(
  5. Peter1996

    Peter1996 New Member

    I dont know about the solutions you guys have been trying, but i had the same problem with no sound coming from my incredible s after unplugging it from my charger, to fix it i restarted my phone while it was charging, plugged in a headset and played some music, unplugged the charger and it has worked fine up to now, i did this like 4 months ago.
  6. Ced

    Ced Member

    I have had the same problem just 9 days after I got my phone , a simple restart seemed to make it go away , 2 weeks later I noticed the speaker had gone dead again as I did'nt hear my alarm go off and a restart did not work , I tried everything from removing the battery , memory card.. nothing worked. I have noticed on a few instances though that playing a music/video track for 3-4 minutes , the sound just pops out of nowhere!!
    Since it's under warranty , I headed over to HTC and told them about how the speaker works when it wants to yada yada. I got my handset back from repair two days later now with a replaced speaker. I'll have to wait and see if it starts acting up again!
    I really love the phone to bits , but having such basic required phone functionality flaws so early in the day is a real shame. I chose the Incredible S over the S2 on the grounds of build quality , maybe NOT!.
    HTC seems to live up to their campaign of being "Quietly Brilliant" i guess! :D
  7. Martyyyy

    Martyyyy New Member

    Worked for me as well.
  8. kmb55

    kmb55 New Member

    I had the same problem starting in October 2011. I was out of the country so I delayed getting a repair until late December. After sending it to the repairer they said it was beyond economical repair and because there were drop marks on it they denied warranty. Good to see others have the same fault so it's probably not due to the phone being dropped.

    My problem got worse after it was sent to the repairer, however. It worked for about a week after I got it back but now won't charge and is completely dead.
  9. kmb55

    kmb55 New Member

    Tried this fix (managed to get my phone charging with a different cable) and it didn't work.
  10. brezey

    brezey Member

    Hi All,
    I have had the same issue for the last couple days. There is no ringtone, no alert sounds, no alarm clock :)() and no music from either the loud speaker or headphones. The only way to get it working is to reset the phone (FASTBOOT off) while plugged into the charger. Everything returns to normal. However, disconnect the charger and all sound disappears.

    The HTC startup sound works and so does speaker phone / headphones /headset when on a call.

    Two factory resets later and still nothing. I did notice after the reset that car mode came up when the charger was plugged in.

    Any ideas?
  11. raphapablap

    raphapablap New Member

    I've recently been experiencing this. It's very annoying. The vibrate function works at least for my alarm when not plugged in.

    I'm not sure what triggered it but it has happened since a phone call I made. For some reason I had an options menu up and the call was put on speaker phone and wouldn't end in the conventional way. Since then, all my calls start on speaker as default. If I try to make calls and remove the speakerphone, it hangs up. I'm trying to find a way to sort this out without resetting because I think they are linked.

    Failing that, hHas anyone actually received a decent solution from HTC yet?

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