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  1. aligmc

    aligmc New Member

    I have a problem with my galaxy s3 , no caller voice when recieve or make a call and after disconnect signal dissapear for 1 min. and the comes again
    im sending and recieving messaging perfectly , viber and skype are working good as well.
    please any help with that
    BUILD NO . : IMM76D.I9300XXALE9

  2. damewolf13

    damewolf13 live~laugh~love VIP Member

    Welcome to Android Forums!:)
    I moved this thread into the Galaxy S3 forum so that others with the same phone can help you with this problem.
  3. fjatle

    fjatle New Member

    Same problem here.
    No sound from the speakers, and microphone is not working on phone calls.
    Everything else seems to work.

    SIM-card is intact.
  4. mudler

    mudler New Member

    Yes, my s3 is 3 days old and now will ring in or out but no sound heard either end then disconnects the call by itself. This is starting to look like a common problem.
    Do not know if thats a good or bad thing.
  5. kevinnugent

    kevinnugent Member

    Have you guys tried the earphones?
  6. fjatle

    fjatle New Member

    Earphones did not make any difference.
    What is strange, is that when you let the call stay active for about a 10 sec + +, the antenna signal completely drops when you hang up. Signal do come back after some seconds.
  7. Phoneuser28

    Phoneuser28 New Member

    Same problem here. New phone, had it for 4,5 days. The problem stared yesterday, before that, I didn't have any problems. Now if someone calls me, I accept but there is no sound. I can't hear them. Have to RESTART to make a phone call. Every time. This is not a communication device, this is a frustration device. I'll wait if a solution pops up here, before taking it to the shop tomorrow. If this is what S3 is all about I want my money back.
  8. Leidner

    Leidner New Member

    Same problem here as Phoneuser28. But restarting the phone doesn't solve anything.
  9. x5000126

    x5000126 New Member

    I have some problems with my Galaxy S3. There is a lock function in the Video Player that disables all the video functions available so that users can watch videos without any disruptions, meaning the "last", "pause" and "next button" are not available. This function is also available in Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Note etc. However, there are sometimes when I clicks onto the lock button, instead of disabling the functions, the phone gets into locked mode, and I have to unlock the phone again to get back into the video player. I don't have this problem with S2 and the Note. It's really frustrating when I have to unlock the phone again just to watch the video. Can anyone help me out?? Thanks :(
  10. ferimart

    ferimart Member

    from timle to time my sgs3 refuses to play media unlock sound....nothing!!and phone is not on mute! at first i was able to fix it only by i have to do a full factory reset!
    can please someone help me find a solution....cause it's anoying to reset each day your phone:mad::mad::mad:
  11. vickyindia00

    vickyindia00 New Member

    even my S3 is having the same problem.... the sound gets off and there is no sound from the caller and no sound during conversation...IS IT A UNIVERSAL PROBLEM
  12. hishetty

    hishetty New Member

    I am facing the same issue as well. The phone works with head phone. I have observed that the stock video player is more likely to cause the problem especially when switching to the floating window mode. Funny thing is, the sound will usually come back on its own after some random time has elapsed.

    I came across a thread in another forum which suggested to run the LCD test.
    1. Dial *#0*#
    2. Select "Speaker"

    If melody plays, then its a software problem and your speaker is fine. However, there is no definitive way to fix the problem. Some have suggested that resetting to factory settings worked, while others have had luck simply by pushing the headphone pin in and out about 5 or 6 times.

    I am suspecting that it is most likely to do with a bug code that enables/disables the speaker sound when the headphone is inserted/removed. Hope Samsung comes with a speedy fix cause its damn annoying!!!
  13. hishetty

    hishetty New Member

    Ok looks like i found a 'temperory' fix for 'my' phones behaviour...Just happened to fling phone on to ina stiff mattress and voila :)...ran into the same problem again the same trick worked...looks like a loose connection with the ext speakers...going to the service center tomorrow...
  14. lalaflosi

    lalaflosi New Member

    I'm brazilian, just bought my S3 for 10 days now... On day 5 it started to lose connections during calls, and after that completely loses its signal. I called on the shop and they told me to change the sim card. So I did, but nothing happened. If I dial a number the phone makes no sound - I don't hear ringing or anything , the phone then appears to connect , but again no sound. After about 5 seconds the phone disconnects and the Signal drops out (shows a circle with a line through it) for about 20-30 seconds before coming back (copied it from another post because it is exactly the SAME THING!).
    I'm pretty upset and annoyed :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:. I'm physician, really need my phone to work...
    If anyone have a tip for solving the problem i'd be very glad...
    Tks... and sorry for poor english! :)
  15. edmm

    edmm New Member

    All my Android phone have always had that feature of browsing the web and talking on the phone at the same time. I've tried doing that with the galaxy s3 and it won't let me. As soon as I make a call it will disconnect me from my 4g. Does anyone know if there a setting we can change to have both features run at the same time?
  16. dashisiong

    dashisiong New Member

    I am also having the same problem today....anyone have a solution?
  17. ferimart

    ferimart Member

    well folks...this happens when we buy " new born gadgets":) ...we are the "crash test dummies"
    as i stated above, my phone doesn't want to play sounds from time to i don't have to factory reset the phone each time...but to make about 3-5 restarts...still anoying:((
    for me it's clearely a soft when it happens my music player for example won't even start...
    i ask again...;does anyone know a solution to this....or we have to wait a major update for ICS?
  18. XplosiV

    XplosiV Master X is Watching You VIP Member

    Have any of you tried to update to the latest firmware? Always advisable as it will be one of the first questions asked by a support team.
  19. ferimart

    ferimart Member

    well yes...i actually did...and after upgrade was done....still same problems:confused::confused::confused:
    i guess it's a sound driver bug:musicus: ..correct me if i'm wrong:D
  20. shashiku

    shashiku New Member

    Hi guys, im also facing the same problem. This is really frustrating as only a factory reset worked for me. Apart from the audio problem my phone became very sluggish suddenly, animations didnt work and even the screen does not respond to touches. Is there a fix for this??
  21. dashisiong

    dashisiong New Member

    Already sent my s3 to service center. Heard it is mobo problem, need to change. Will update people here!
  22. twoplustwo

    twoplustwo New Member

    Looks like this is a common issue. Any progress or suggestions?
  23. fjatle

    fjatle New Member

    Just got my phone back from service (it's fun when the first thing you do after buying a rather expensive product is to send it to service), and got the following report:
    -Replaced motherboard
    -Updated software
    -Reset phone
    -Function tested

    As far as I know, there was no newer firmware/software uptates at the time I sent it to service.
    A malfunctioned motherboard on the other hand? Seems as a fair reason to me.
    I would guess there is a bad series of mother boards out there, and this problem will append on several units. Too bad
  24. vickyindia00

    vickyindia00 New Member

    I am from India and having the same problem...
    I am using vodafone as a carrier are all of u facing the problem using vodafone:( service......

  25. chillibean

    chillibean Well-Known Member

    I worked in a Nokia service Centre and software update was done on every phone as standard but it could just just mean reinstalling existing software. Standard text used

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