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  1. s071031

    s071031 New Member

    I have a problem with the Samsung Galaxy SII.

    When I get/make a call, I can't hear the person on the other side. The other person is able to hear me however.
    Secondly when I press the speaker button then I can hear the other person again. When I disable the speaker it is silent again.

    Additional information:
    Alle audio works on the phone. Internet, notifactions, ringtones etc.
    No apps are downloaded that interere with calls.

    I have tried to find topics about this problem but was unsuccesful in doing this.

    Everybody thanks in advance!

  2. Uber-Duper

    Uber-Duper Well-Known Member

    Just purchased this phone in Australia, should receive it in a few days..

    My uncle had the problem you're describing with his galaxy i9000.
    it was fine for a few months then suddenly the earpiece speaker stopped working, but
    loudspeaker is fine. He got his handset replaced, turned out to be faulty...

    Not sure if there is anything else u can do in this case..
  3. EarlOfSlander

    EarlOfSlander New Member

    I'm reviving this thread because I have the exact same problem, but with a Galaxy S I. I can't hear anyone (even if I put on headphones), but they can hear me fine. Putting speakerphone on fixes the problem. All other audio works fine, music (through headphones and external speakers), ringtones, etc. I've tried searching around quite a bit, and also a hard reboot, but nothing has worked at all. Any hints for me, or does it look like it's definitely a hardware fault?
  4. dvdlin

    dvdlin New Member

    i just bought two unit and one unit has the exact problem mentioned here. the walk around is to use the loud speaker and ear phone till contacting samsung support. :(
  5. Russell Ng

    Russell Ng Well-Known Member

    First thing is probably check the volume control. Speaker is considered media and the normal one is considered voice call. Make sure Voice Call volume is up.

    If not, then it could be a faulty set.
  6. sparxuk

    sparxuk Member

    my handset had this problem the other day, i just turned it off and re booted, has sorted it out for now
  7. decior

    decior Member

    Try to plug the headset, there can be some rubbish in the 3.5mm audio socket and its switching automaticaly to the headphones. I have seen that before many times in other phones.
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  8. ajmount88

    ajmount88 Well-Known Member

    Try cleaning the headphone jack with a cotton bud. I've had this kind of problem before on my old phone and doing this (with a small amount of WD40 on the cotton bud) solved the problem for me. I'd recommend turning the phone off and taking the battery out just in case though, while doing this.
  9. JeeMiNee

    JeeMiNee New Member

    I had the same problem. Simply turning off the phone and turning it on again solved the issue.
  10. eaglespy10

    eaglespy10 New Member

    go to music and play a song. press the 5 channle icon, if it lets you activate it, then that means your phone thinks you have headphones in, to fix that, plug some in and play the song, then (WITHOUT PAUSING) unplug them and it should pause itself, then play the song. that worked for me.
  11. asiir

    asiir Member

    I had the same problem with an LG Optimus S/V. I never would have thought to clean the headphone jack, but it totally worked. It's amazing how much crud was collected in there.

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