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No sound from my music...General

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  1. joecalusmc

    joecalusmc Member

    i transferred my music onto my phone but im not getting any sound. i looked in my settings and everything looks fine volume wise just still no sound from my music player. any thought? Love the Droid though it the best phone ive had yet and love all the FREE aps.

  2. There are two sound settings: one is the sounds the phone makes such as alerts, ringtones, etc. The other is for media, which includes music, movies, etc. Just because your phone volume is all the way up, it doesn't mean your media one is as well. When the song starts playing, hit the "+" key on the phone and see if the slider was all the way off the whole time.

    That should fix it. I can't see it being anything else.
  3. joecalusmc

    joecalusmc Member

    I went to the sound and display option and set the media volume all the way up but im still getting nothing.
  4. Caddyman

    Caddyman Well-Known Member

    are you using headphones? if so make sure the jack is plugged all the way in
  5. joecalusmc

    joecalusmc Member

    no headphones..use trying to use the speaker....
  6. Do your ringtones and alerts work?

    What format is the song?
  7. OfTheDamned

    OfTheDamned The Friendly Undead VIP Member

    Are you sure the music is playing (little time line moving and all that)?

    Have you tried adjusting the volume while the music is playing?

    Are you using the media player that came with the phone?

    What format is your music in?

    Have you tried using headphones?
  8. joecalusmc

    joecalusmc Member

    its an MP3 format and using the player on the phone already as well as the aplayer and got nothing. im going to eventually have to call tech support i think. the music is def playing just no sound from it. i will try headphones though to make sure....
  9. Caddyman

    Caddyman Well-Known Member

    go to aplayer and make sure there isn't a mute or independent volume there maybe?

    tech support i doubt will be able to help you but give it a shot.
  10. joecalusmc

    joecalusmc Member

    called myself and just got vibrate but looked in my settings and volumes are both all the way up and silent mode is off....so confused right now...and im IT go figure
  11. OfTheDamned

    OfTheDamned The Friendly Undead VIP Member

    Try restarting the phone and see if it does anything.

    You also may want to plug in and unplug something from the headphone jack and see if that changes anything. That used to happen to me on another phone, kind of like getting the Alt or control keys stuck on a keyboard.

    If none of that works, try retransferring a song or two to see if it helps.

    You could also try the youtube app and see if you can get sound out of that.
  12. joecalusmc

    joecalusmc Member

    figured out what my issue is but i need a hard reset to fix the damn thing...lol....
  13. Copa Native

    Copa Native Well-Known Member

    Well what was it?
  14. joecalusmc

    joecalusmc Member

    silent mode reads off in the options menu but if you hold down the power button it says silent mode is on..some kind of processing error i guess just happened a few hours ago...have to call verizon to do hard reset on the phone and hopefully that will work.
  15. joecalusmc

    joecalusmc Member

    well long story short a hard reboot did not work and i had to go get a new phone from verizon tonight...

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