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No sound in Google Translate

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  1. peterc10

    peterc10 Well-Known Member


    I have dowloaded Google Translate from the Market and also downloaded Text to Speach extended, which, when I check the settings, Translate is showing that I have installed.

    When I have translated a word or phrase into french for example I touch the speaker icon and a little box comes up saying "speaking in French". The trouble is there is no sound coming from my Hero. I have tried it with and without headphones and with different langauges and there is still nothing. And yes the media volume is up full.

    Have I missed something simple? Is there any way to get it to speak the phrase please?

  2. andy d

    andy d Well-Known Member

    I thought i would try it out.
    Downloaded both from the market did not touch any settings and it worked first time i pressed the speaker button.
  3. peterc10

    peterc10 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for checking. Spurred by your success I uninstalled both Tranlate and TTS and reinstalled. It still would not work.

    Then I thought I would open TTS by itself. And when I did it said it was downloading data. After that it opened again. I then closed it and started translate and now it works!

    So (for anybody as stupid as me) the trick is to open TTS first and allow it to download some data (although why it did not download the data it obviously needs on installation is beyond me :rolleyes:)

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