No sound on Grand Theft Auto III? well here is a fix!

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  1. xXSK8AGRXx

    xXSK8AGRXx Well-Known Member

    I saw that a lot of people had the problem that it was no sound on Grand Theft Auto III for Android. I had the same problem ,but i fixed it myself ,so i decided to make a tutorial how I fixed it.

    so here is a link to a video from youtube ,that I made for 2 days ago.
    Grand Theft Auto III for Android SOUND FIX!! - YouTube

    Please let me know if it works!:)

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  2. TunaSoda

    TunaSoda New Member

    Perfect! thanks! :)
  3. xXSK8AGRXx

    xXSK8AGRXx Well-Known Member

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