No sound with my hdmi lead through t.v !!Support

  1. day77

    day77 New Member

    I have bought a hml lead to connect my s5 to my tv to watch movies, the picture comes up fine but with no sound?? I have down loaded the "sound about" app but I still has no sound?!?! Help!!!

  2. 52stevedo

    52stevedo Active Member

    I had had problems with mine.
    I unplugged and plugged all the connections in a couple times.
    It started working good.
    One movie I had the sound did not work when played through my phone.
    I copied it to a flash drive.It played fine on the computer.
    I think the phone did not support that type sound file.
  3. day77

    day77 New Member

    Thanks will give it a go!
  4. day77

    day77 New Member

    Sorted!! Plugged it in and out of the power plug and it came on!! Thanks 52stevedo

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