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  1. karma

    karma New Member

    I'm not getting any sound through the speaker, no music or ringtones or anything. I can hear on the phone and with earphones in, and if I blow throw the back of the phone it works then stops. Any ideas?

  2. justjimjpc

    justjimjpc Premium Member VIP Member

    Sounds like a loose wire or bad solder joint ...
  3. karma

    karma New Member

    Well I was going to open it up and look but I cant unscrew it without voiding the warrenty. Will have to send it to Vodafone I suppose
  4. ojerez

    ojerez New Member

    Hello friends. A mi me has been the same, the Magic did not play any sound through the rear speaker. I tested with different ROM and still not working. I have to send it for service.
    A greeting
  5. deefairy

    deefairy New Member

    tried searching through the forums nothing found ....
    I have the HTC Magic,

    Dropped the phone, finally realised external speaker is not working

    Won't play ringtones, audio music files, music on internet.
    Can ring people and can hear them fine and vice versa
    ...i mean its not the end of the world I can still use the phone and rely on vibrate but VERY annoying.

    I wouldn't be afraid to open it but...if someone could guide me how to do that. Its not a software problem, I did a hard reset, no change. Its a hardware problem.

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