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  1. Paradygm

    Paradygm New Member

    No sound through sys speaker at all, only thru earbuds. No haptic, music, won't even ring. Rebooting does nothing. On reboot defaulting to silent mode-sound off. Set sound to on and still nothing. I did flash the SBF and that did no good. I am open to any suggestions. I really don't want to reset to factory not knowing if that will fix or not.:confused:

  2. I'd like some help with the same problem... My galaxy s will not play any sounds... Sounds play thru tge headphones or with the aux cord from my stereo plugged in, but not the system itself. :( Calls work fine. But no other sounds are working at all. :/
  3. damewolf13

    damewolf13 live~laugh~love VIP Member

    Have you checked in the sound settings to make sure that your system volume is turned all the way up?

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