No stereo fm on moto gTips

  1. blackcat51

    blackcat51 New Member

    Hello friends am new to android phones and this forum, have MOTO G 1st gen, please suggest any app for STEREO FM as it only tunes mono FM, if possible any app to have EQUALIZERS, FM RECORDER and must hace STEREO FM TUNER.


  2. gogomouse1

    gogomouse1 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I was disappointed when I realized the FM was mono, not stereo. I mean, c'mon, how much more would it have cost to put in stereo? A few cents? It already plays mp3's in stereo, so it's not like it isn't possible. I commute to work, and would love to listen to FM, but the sound just pain sucks.

    I doubt there's an app that will fix this, I imagine a stereo tuner would be needed, but I could be wrong. I hope I'm wrong.

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