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  1. nikvlazak

    nikvlazak New Member

    I have connected my Samsung Galaxy tab 7 to my Samsung Led TV through HDMI dock. When I use hardware encoding to play movies (xvid/mp4,etc) so I can have smooth video playback the subtitles of the movies appear only on my Tab and not on the TV no matter what player I will use .I have tried them all. SO on my Tv i have only the video playing and on my Tab the subtitles playing seperatly but at the same time.

    If I use software decoding I get both subtitles and video on TV but the video is very very poor (not watchable).

    I use a 2,5 Mtr Hdmi to mini Hdmi (samsung tab dock station), is that a problem that I loose quility playing on software decoding?

    Is there a way to have both hardware encoding and video with subtitles through Hdmi on TV?

    Thank you.

  2. queensoft

    queensoft Member

    I have the exact same problem.
    I have a chinese Flytouch 3 tablet, Android 2.2
    Tried RockPlayer, mVideoPlayer and some stock video player.
    Tried both external SRT and MKV embedded subtitles.
    The subtitles play on the tablet, but not on the TV screen.
    Software decoding is of no use until tablets will have dual core/quad core at 2 Ghz for proper 720p/1080p software decoding.
    You can try a very small resolution video on software decoding, I bet it'll work.

    This was also a big problem for PCs a few years ago.
    People were just starting to connect their computer to the TV and got no subtitles.
    It was fixed both from video player (draw subtitle on video surface or something) and/or from video driver.

    So, I think we just need to wait for a smarter video player or an Android update.
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  3. nikvlazak

    nikvlazak New Member

    Anyone knows if I upgrade to 2,3 gingerbread would I have better video/hdmi/output to TV performance???

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