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  1. ademidio453

    ademidio453 Member

    Ok so I got the inc4g last night, I had a rooted dinc2 before this and was running a sense 4 Rom and I loved it. Pretty much the inc4g is what I had but with better hardware...anyways how come there's no task manager? Or am I missing something? I thought ics and sense 4 phones all came with the stock task manager, but I'm not seeing it.

    And my sms notifications aren't working right. You know how you can have one notification sound for when you receive a sms and a different notification sound for when the text is delivered to the other person when you have delivery reports on. Well that's not working..I changed it so content is for receiving and notice sound is for the sent option(for when its delivered to the other person) and its only playing content for both. I've always had 2 different sounds for this, both when rooted and not rooted and it always worked...anyone have this issue?

  2. rcrott1

    rcrott1 Well-Known Member

    with the android operating system, you do NOT want a task manager. all they do is F up the performance of your phone. HOPEFULLY, HTC realized this and did away with it.
  3. DodgerinNH

    DodgerinNH Well-Known Member

    This is slightly off-topic but I'm still having two issues, and they're both related to notifications. Running Microsoft Exchange server and using the native email client it keeps ignoring my custom ringtones and defaulting to a sort of "popping" sound. I would use something different (like K-9 mail) but they don't support 2010 Exchange. So I'm kind of screwed there. But it sounds like your sms notification problems are along the same lines.

    The second problem I'm having, which seems to be fairly common, is that I catch the WiFi seemingly sleeping sometimes, and after it reconnects, voila, I get notifications, which basically means that push notifications aren't always getting through. Definitely a problem.
  4. ademidio453

    ademidio453 Member

    This is true for someone that does not know how to use a task manager properly. If you know how to use one the right way it will save you battery life and increase performance. You never kill things that you use frequently, but stuff you use once a week or even once a day should be killed. If you don't kill it, its just running in the background wasting battery and slowing down the phone. Things like messages, browser, phone and other stuff like that, that your always using should not be killed. Also, with a rooted phone and an app like es task manager were you can manage start up will also boost battery life and performance. You do not need apps running that you don't use, its pointless and in no way is it at all good for your phones performance. I can't wait to have root and get ride of all the Verizon bloatware.

    Anyways, I found the task manager in settings, apps, all apps, but can't seem to find it anywhere else on the phone to actually use it which makes no sense at all.
  5. ademidio453

    ademidio453 Member

    Yea seems kind of like my problem. But try going into personalize then click sound on bottom right and set your email notification there. That might fix your problem, I can't find a solution to mine though.

    For WiFi, go into WiFi settings,make sure you have it set for WiFi to never sleep. If that's checked and your still having problems try checking the option for best WiFi performance. Having both may fix your issue. I rarely use WiFi because I've found it to waste more battery.
  6. dcont

    dcont Active Member

    True, a task manager may not be needed these days, but to answer the OP, here's the only way I figured out how to access it.

    I "fell upon" this. If you install the Multicon app (which are basically widgets that have smaller icons for apps/settings so you can fit more on a screen)... there is an option for a task manager. Click on the task manager icon, and it brings up the standard HTC task manager, with the setting option to notify when memory is below a certain threshold. HTC must have it hidden but it exists in the "background".
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  7. ademidio453

    ademidio453 Member

    Wow man thanks that worked for me! I did find out that HTC hid it for some reason, I'm so glad you stumbled upon that! Thanks a lot!
  8. FiveAces

    FiveAces Active Member

    Go into the setup.... Developers options.... And scroll to the bottom section called "apps"
    There's your built in app killer. But don't get too aggressive or else sense will be constantly reloading in the background and thus being counter-productive.... Like swapping one problem for another!
  9. ademidio453

    ademidio453 Member

    Yea I know about that but that's not what I want to stated from a post above I have found the actual task manager, I use it for a specific purpose.

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