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  1. Rprocjr

    Rprocjr New Member

    I have a brand new s4 that only gives me my text notification ringtone for some contacts but not all. Vibrates but only ringtone on some.

  2. Jono0055

    Jono0055 New Member

    All of my notifications worked except for text message notifications. Only vibration worked when I received a text message. All of the settings were correct. I finally figured out that the culprit was AT&T's bloatware called AT&T Messages. I had to disable AT&T Messages then everything worked fine.

    Settings>More tab>Application manager>ALL>AT&T Messages

    Clear cache.

    Uninstall updates if there are any installed then Disable the app then Force stop.

    Restart your phone and if this was your issue and all the settings are correct for notification sound, text notification sound should work. If you are not with AT&T then I don't know what else could be causing the issue.
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  3. engineeress

    engineeress New Member

    Thanks so much for your post. As result of reading it, I was able to resolve my husband's issue. A week ago, he stopped receiving notifications for text messages on his S4. This event coincided with a new billing cycle and his traveling out of our home region, so I wasn't sure if it was a carrier issue, phone problem, ...
    Today I followed your advice and disables AT&T Messaging on his phone. Immediately, notifications reappeared. Thank you!!
  4. Jono0055

    Jono0055 New Member

    Glad to have helped engineeress :)

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