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  1. iamreginaa

    iamreginaa New Member

    Whenever I receive a text message, there is no sound at all (most of the times). Most times I get nothing, but other times I do hear my text message sound. I've looked into settings and my notifications volume is up. I checked the sound settings on the messages itself and they're all set up. I've tried rebooting, battery pull, deleting some apps that I thought could be the problem, I've uninstalled the updates from AT&T Messages, I also unchecked the "Delete Old Messages" box, but none of these worked. I've read that downloading other apps will make it work but I'd really rather use the standard messaging app that came with the phone. Help please! It's really annoying and making me love my S4 a little less. :(

  2. ScandaLeX

    ScandaLeX Wasn't Me

    Wish I could help. Recently started experiencing the same thing on my Note 2 and I've had this phone almost a year.
    I think it began when I installed the app Llama.
  3. APBTx2

    APBTx2 Active Member

    I'm experiencing the same problem every once in a while, but when I do, a reboot seems to fix.
  4. iamreginaa

    iamreginaa New Member

    i have rebooted my phone countless times and it's still the same problem :(

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