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no video playbackSupport

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  1. allygee243

    allygee243 New Member

    I appear to have lost video playback on my device. It won't play netflix, bbc i player or you tube. Any assistance would much appreciated

  2. ncdoty

    ncdoty New Member

    I've just started having the exact same problem. In fact, it has made my camera unusable, too. Anything involving video crashes the app immediately and often requires me to take the battery out of my phone. If you find a solution, or if anyone has ideas, please respond!!!
  3. batkinson001

    batkinson001 Well-Known Member

    I have noticed this a couple of times sofar today on my tab2's youtube app... I just keep trying until it works, from what i can tell through my experiences it is a network issue (probably my crappy dlink DIR-615 router again).

    most online video services use flash, with the most recent android os versions the latest/last version of flash doesn't play nicely... I am trying to find a .apk file for flash 10... to see if it fixes the issue for me (black box of nothing where the video should be).

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