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No Visual Voice Mail??Support

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  1. beyond-redline

    beyond-redline New Member

    Greetings everyone!

    I have been patiently waiting for this new handset for a while and went to the Sprint Store today to see if it was going to work for my needs. I was shocked and disappointed to learn that this "Business" phone doesn't support the visual voice mail feature???

    Did I just speak to the wrong sprint employee or is this truly the case? I would have expected that to be a key feature for a device that is geared towards professional use.

    Can anyone confirm or deny what I was told today?


  2. Chief7

    Chief7 Well-Known Member

    I talked to Tech Support today, but they told me it has no Visual Voice Mail. However, I think Google Voice WILL work on it. I am still getting that set up, but it is a start!

    Good luck!
  3. beyond-redline

    beyond-redline New Member

    I would be very intersted to know of your experiences with trying to integrate google voice.

    Feel free to post as you continue to work with it. :)
  4. Chief7

    Chief7 Well-Known Member

    Google Voice set up was a piece of cake. I immediately did a test call and within 30 seconds I had a text message with my message EXACTLY as I dictated it, and that makes me happy! :D
  5. beyond-redline

    beyond-redline New Member

    I wasn't so concerned with the message to text feature (great that it works as advertised) as much as I was looking for the instant recall of voice messages without having to dial into the standard voicemail system.

    Any comments on how that kind of integration works?
  6. Chief7

    Chief7 Well-Known Member

    With Google Voice for Sprint it sends a text message of your voice mail to your phone and an email to an address you designate.

    I encountered a little problem and had to delete my Google Voice account because it was still tied to my EVO - and I could make no changes or set up with Google Voice. For example, I was getting the Call Screener on every call ("Touch 1 to accept the call, touch 2 to send to Voice Mail") - I do not want that, but I couldn't use the normal method to disable it. So, Sprint Advanced Tech support and I worked with it for a while, we disabled it I will talk with them Monday morning to see what they and Google came up with. It may be just restarting it, but we'll see. ;)
  7. jjhong

    jjhong Member

    There is no visual voicemail but I've been using Google Voice for a while now. I find really useful the ability to transcribe voicemails and read them right away. I noticed, however, that Sprint's Visual Voicemail app was a lot better at recognizing speech. I believe Sprint wants to transition everyone to Google Voice anyways.

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