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No VPN on CM9?

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  1. aballard5

    aballard5 New Member


    I recently rooted my Epic 4g and I'm operating CM9 version 9-20120606-SNAPSHOT-epicmtd-beta4. Everything seems to work great except for the VPN connection to my work server. I've entered the information in the VPN setup just like I did pre-root, but it just keeps saying "unsuccessful" after attempting to connect. Earlier in the week, I installed the most recent "stable" build from the CM9 site, but the responsiveness of my phone went down and it didn't fix my VPN issue, so I went back to the 6-6-12 beta build.

    I've scoured the internet looking for solutions, but can't find any. Today, I attempted to install BusyBox and OpenVPN hoping that would work, but BusyBox says it can't install.

    Has anyone encountered the same issues with their VPN? Even better, has anyone found a solution or have any suggestions for me?

    Thanks in advance.


  2. audiomygod

    audiomygod New Member

    same problem here. did you find a solution?

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