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  1. Veeektor

    Veeektor New Member

    Does anyone know why wallpaper scrolling is disabled on the Galaxy Note? I used to have a skyrocket with MultiPicture Live Wallpaper, with pictures transitioning between home screens. But i noticed it doesn't work on the Note because there's no wallpaper scrolling. Anyone know of a work around? Thanks!

  2. raycroft

    raycroft New Member

    my wife has the skyrocket. Panning, scrolling, everything works great on it. I feel like I got gypped .
  3. James862

    James862 Active Member

    It is Very annoying. My wife got the Samsung galaxy skyrocket 2 and it does all that. But this 400 dollar phone can't?!?! I tried ADW Launcher, golauncher, photoshop mobile, wallpaper wizardrii, crop wallpaper. All apps on the market. If anyone knows how to solve this let me know, im very annoyed with it. Oh and just found out that the International one can do it... Soooo disappointing and not feeling good about buying this thing and it does all this other stuff but can't do something as simple as that... I don't believe it. So if anyone knows how to get it to work or knows a trick to do, share the knowledge!
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  4. james27007

    james27007 Look into my Eye VIP Member

    The launcher ashell let's you use wallpaper scrolling, kinda, you have play with it, but after a minute or two of messing with the picture size and it works.
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  5. raycroft

    raycroft New Member

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  6. James862

    James862 Active Member

    So this skyrocket update affected the note? I will try the ashell, but I really wish samsung or att would release an update to fix this issue.
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  7. JunBringer

    JunBringer Well-Known Member

    I just went back to Launcher Pro, so my wallpaper scrolling is back.
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  8. James862

    James862 Active Member

    I tried using launcher pro and set it to allow scrolling and it didn't work for me. I tried with stock wallpaper, pictures I took with the phone, and downloaded wallpapers. But im about tired of trying to mess with it and hope they release an update to fix it or hope they switch to ICS.
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  9. raycroft

    raycroft New Member

    I downloaded launcher ex, and gave it a shot...didn't work at all for me. Curious, , what version of gingerbread do you have?
  10. James862

    James862 Active Member

    Android version 2.3.6
    Kernal 2.6.35
  11. JunBringer

    JunBringer Well-Known Member

    I think Launcher Pro does it by default, so that's odd that it wouldn't work for you.
  12. James862

    James862 Active Member

    Yeah it does but I got it to work once but once I opened a game it stopped working and couldn't get it to work again. Oh well guess I'll try to be patient and wait for a update or ICS lol :eek:
  13. JunBringer

    JunBringer Well-Known Member

    I think they turned it off so they could have endless scrolling, like when you reach the far left screen it keeps going around to the far right screen.
  14. James862

    James862 Active Member

    True, but I think they could make it so that the wallpaper jumps to the right too, granted it would be a pain to do and not look as "pretty" lol but I love the phone and it is great. It's just that minor little detail, but nothing is perfect ;) still an awesome phone and wouldn't trade it for anything... Except the International one :D
  15. khalnayak

    khalnayak New Member

    I have found the other facing the same issue as well but then here are some solution that you can try out.
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  16. James862

    James862 Active Member

    That Golauncher ex works great, just have to use zedge to set wallpaper or a different wallpaper app, otherwise when you select a picture in gallery it forces you to crop the picture. I will try with wizardrii and crop wallpaper apps to see if it it will work and post if it does or not. Thanks for that link!

    *crop wallpaper app works great with the golauncher ex. *
  17. Jemini

    Jemini Active Member

    No problems with go launcher I have scrolling wall paper. Just have to make sure in Preferences>Visual settings>Backgrounds>Wallpaper mode> is set to default.
  18. annaruiz88

    annaruiz88 New Member

    my wallpaper stopped scrolling about 1 month ago and i have no idea y... i downloaded the Launcher Pro, it made it so my wallpaper would scroll but my problem with it is that on my original launcher i had 5 pages on my phone and i had everything how i like it and with the Launcher Pro i only get 3 pages. does anyone know how to get 5 pages on Launcher Pro or know another launcher with 5 pages and with scrolling wallpaper?
  19. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    For those that didnt notice..Dagr8 on xda fixed this (for rooted users)
  20. kalikiano

    kalikiano New Member

    Here is what I did: Downloaded ADW launcher (my favorite), scrolling did not work. Then I used PicSpeed Wallpaper App and applied one of their wallpapers and now it works (scrolls) in ADW. When I switch back to stock launcher still does not work, but ADW Launcher is what I use anyway (I just got this phone and noticed the scroll issue, I'm in in process of setting it up). Not sure if using PicSped will make it scrollable with other launchers but it dId with ADW.

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