No way to search email messages???

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  1. rcliff

    rcliff Member

    I've been trying out the 2.0 emulator and the quick search box. The search box searches Google, bookmarks, web history, Application names and contacts but not email. I looked in the preferences and there is no option to include mail in search. Am I missing something or is there no way to search email? I sure hope I missed something simple or that this is just a limitation of the SDK.

  2. bluenik25

    bluenik25 Well-Known Member

    The review said you have to have the email app open to use Google search for emails.
  3. rcliff

    rcliff Member

    Just tried this and it doesn't work on the emulator. If you're in the message list and click search you get the quick search bar but the search results don't include messages. Hopefully the CNET reviewer actually tried this and it does indeed work on the real device.
  4. rcliff

    rcliff Member

    I found the message search function the CNET review referenced but it is not for email but only for messaging. If you go into messaging and hit search you get a slightly different search dialogue that says "search messages" but it's only for text messaging. If you go to the email inbox and hit search you get the standard quick search bar.

    From CNET, I think they are referring to the Text messaging inbox
  5. MarvinAndroid

    MarvinAndroid Well-Known Member

    Well... the Gmail application has a search function.. I just tried it now and it works great. I'd be surprised if the email app which supports exchange doesn't have a similar function. I also wouldn't be surprised if the quick search box eventually adds support to search emails as well (if it doesnt already).
  6. rcliff

    rcliff Member

    It looks like there is no way to search email accounts other than with the Gmail application. That's really disappointing and probably a deal breaker for me. How they can just skip such basic functionality? It's beyond me and totally unacceptable, particularly for a search company. While I suspected it was true based on testing with the emulator, this review confirms it. Also, other video reviews clearly show the Gmail App search function but nothing for standard mail or Exchange. A real shame...
  7. Jon Nale

    Jon Nale Well-Known Member


    Not having the ability to search e-mail on your PHONE is a dealbreaker? If it was an important e-mail and you needed reference from some other e-mail, wouldn't you just use a computer?

    Then again, I am not one to criticize such an option. I have only searched for an e-mail a few times. I try to keep all of my inboxes fairly organized. (In other words, don't listen to me)
  8. rcliff

    rcliff Member

    Yes, really. Currently being able to search email (both locally and remotely on the server) from my Blackberry is a big plus when I'm not at a computer. On the Blackberry Storm you can also just hold your finger over any message and it will automatically find all messages from that sender. Hard to imagine no search at all.
  9. Jon Nale

    Jon Nale Well-Known Member

    Fair enough. Sometimes I take granted the fact that I am usually always around computers (I work as a system admin, software developer, etc.). (when I am not around computers, I am usually relaxing and not wanting to respond to e-mail :D)
  10. Redflea

    Redflea Well-Known Member

    I'd really like exchange email search, but if I think back on it, I've used email search on my BB maybe once or twice inteh last two years.

    Now what I'd really want is ability to sort by date/sender/subject - if that's missing I'll be unhappy.
  11. rezajune

    rezajune Well-Known Member

    It blows my mind that I can not search my emails.

    I have 8 gmail accounts and in order for me to look for something like the word
    "cat" I need to view each email and then do a search.

    If you have pop email you can't even search it.

    It is a deal break...why....because whats the point of a smart phone if it ain't acting too smart.
  12. iamloco724

    iamloco724 Well-Known Member

    is this really true..if u dont use the gmail app u cant search emails?
  13. rawness

    rawness Well-Known Member

    When you say each "email" you mean each account, not each message, right?
  14. shedroid

    shedroid New Member

    I am thinking of returning my DROID for this reason alone. Of course the problem is that I have had four different blackberries and all are amazing email machines but are so slow otherwise with spinning clocks or hour glasses that drove me mad. The Tour was better than the rest, until I installed just a few apps then it slowed down and crashed twice.
    I would think this will be a software upgrade or an app soon. I would pay gladly for a search feature.
  15. forumsid987

    forumsid987 Member

    So I was just using the emulator and I am finding that within the "email" application there is no way to search the text of the emails that are currently on the phone. Is this true?

    I understand for gmail things are different...I'm simply asking about an offline search. That is...the phone searching the text of the emails that are stored on the phone. This is, or is not possible?

    Also, is it only possible for gmail? If so, can it be performed offline as well?

  16. Being a Blackberry user for over 4 years, I certainly can attest to wanting this feature. For obvious reasons, the BB is superior to out of luck on a Did phone though. Search the Market for an app called "Touchdown" which is an Exchange sync app. Not only do you get searchable email, but there are a lot more features as well that BB users will appreciate. 30 day demo version, full version is $20.

    Sorry for resurrecting this thread, I was searching for an email search setting native to the droid and saw this message didn't merton Touchdown.
  17. Ntwatson

    Ntwatson New Member

    I have yahoo configured in the standard email client and it searches fine. I have a droid x with no keyboard. I go to my inbox, press and hold the menu button. This brings up the onscreen keyboard. Then just start typing. It searches the senders name, email address and subject line and filters the emails. If you have a droid with a keyboard then you just start typing. In either case you don't use the search function. Just start typing.
  18. Jacksonh296

    Jacksonh296 New Member

    This worked for me. I have an exchange email and this works well. Thanks for the tip.
  19. flashbox

    flashbox Member

    I literally started an account on this site just to say that you saved my life with this information. I was so frustrated that I couldn't search my exchange email... I knew there was a way... Thanks again!!!:D:D:D
  20. bigbee

    bigbee Well-Known Member

    I have a Droid running stock 2.2, and neither of these approaches works for me. Holding the menu button only brings up the standard menu once you release the button. Opening the keyboard and typing does absolutely nothing.

    You are talking about the standard app called "Email" that has as its icon a white envelope containing a yellow card that reads "@", right?
  21. impresarioMD

    impresarioMD New Member

    Many thanks to Ntwatson for the info on how to search emails. I too came from a blackberry and use the search function often. And, I too do not have a job where I am in front of a computer all day. I am mobile and need my emails on my phone. One frustration down concurning the search function. Onto my next issue...
  22. flashbox

    flashbox Member

    I am on a Droid 2 running stock 2.2 as well. It is working just fine for me in the email client. It is the one with the little @ symbol on it. When i start typing on the physical keyboard a chat bubble sort of floats on top of the screen about 2/3 of the way down.
  23. jmt9779

    jmt9779 Well-Known Member

    This isn't working for me either. (Droid on unrooted 2.2). I don't really care as I wouldn't use this function much anyway, but it'd be cool if it worked.
  24. bigbee

    bigbee Well-Known Member

    It definitely doesn't work for me. Very strange.

    For those that have it working, when you go to Settings...Applications...Manage applications...All...Email, what version do you have? Mine shows 2.2.
  25. flashbox

    flashbox Member

    Mine is working and the version is 2.2

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