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No webtop upon HDMI connection

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  1. BrianAndroid

    BrianAndroid Member

    Just wondering why I don't have a webtop selection when I connect my Motrola Atrix to my TV via HDMI.. It's really bugging me. I'm watching all these vids of the Atrix online and a webtop selection pops up where you can use the phone like a PC... For me, everything BUT webtop.. blargh!

  2. CeruleanBlue

    CeruleanBlue Member

    Short of a hack, you must have AT&Ts tethering data plan to use the webtop.
  3. BrianAndroid

    BrianAndroid Member

    Wait... I did some more research on this last night and found that it was because webtop is only enabled when you have the multimedia or laptop dock. I am willing to purchase a multimedia dock just to use this feature, but I'll be further disappointed if I can only use webtop with this ATT jazz you speak of. I would note that I tried rooting this phone using numerous methods but was unsuccessful so a hack is more or less out of the question.

    I want to love this phone, I really do, but I have had so many disappointments with it so far :(

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