No Zoom on Tab's Camera ~ Solved using Third-Part AppTips

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  1. Beards

    Beards Well-Known Member

    When I purchased my Galaxy Tab one of the major items I found missing was a 'Zoom function' for the Camera App.
    Not only that but the photo's although good for a 3MP sensor were not that brilliant.

    Having done a bit of research I've found the 'perfect' answer in the form of using a third-party App by the name of Vignette.

    Part of Vignette is an ability to use a very clever 'crop tool' which acts as a live zoom feature. It is absolutely brilliant.

    What is even more amazing is when you do zoom in (crop) and take a shot the photo is still very good. OK it's nothing like a true Optical Zoom but providing you hold your hand steady you will be able to get a decent enough focus for a save photo.

    Not only that but when taking a normal shot and comparing the same shot with the Tab's dedicated Camera App the quality is miles different.
    It is so much Sharper and the colours more natural.

    If this is not enough to interest you let me then tell you of the other tricks up it's sleeve.....
    The Tab's Camera App has a limited amount of Settings you can apply whereas Vignette has a 'Mammoth' amount of settings and effects for you to choose from.
    The list is way too much to explain here but you can do all manner of photo shooting.
    One neat trick is an ability to take several shots and have them shown as one picture.
    By altering some of the settings you can also save a custom ND Filter setting which for those who are photo skilled will know make by far the best Black & White photography.

    Finally ~ I am in no way connected with Vignette. I have no part in it's PR, Marketing or Development.
    The sole reason for stating these facts is purely to let you all know if you take your photography with interest then look no further than Vignette.

    You can obtain Vignette on The Market here.
    There is also a Demo version available here.

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  2. ootsk

    ootsk New Member

    I have that for my droid...along with a few other photo programs. Vignette is my most used program.
  3. KUDOS 555

    KUDOS 555 Well-Known Member

    yep been playing with it for a few days, big jump from the standard and some real nice affects

    if i want it on my htc desire do i have to buy it again or is there a way to copy, 1st thing i have brought on android
  4. Beards

    Beards Well-Known Member

    I thought the licence is for one machine only.
    Try contacting the Developer and see what they say.

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