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Noise After Text Message RingtoneGeneral

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  1. FloridaCracker

    FloridaCracker Active Member

    I open up "messages" then hit the "settings" option, then scroll down and "notifications" is checked and I then select my ringtone for whenever I receive a text message. However, upon receiving a text message, I hear the ringtone I selected, but immediately following the selected ringtone, I get another ringtone sound. It's like I have 2 ringtones set for incoming text messages. And the second ringtone is the "chirps" ringtone, which is e extremely annoying. So currently when I get a text message it plays the desired ringtone followed immediately by the chirping birds. Can someone pleAse help me fix this as it is driving me nuts!!!!

  2. Arms_Reach

    Arms_Reach Well-Known Member

    Do you have another app for texting? If you do, both of them could be notifying you of the same message..
  3. FloridaCracker

    FloridaCracker Active Member

    No, there aren't any other messaging app that I'm aware of. I did download go sms just to look but I removed it after 5 minutes of being installed. Sometimes the bird chirp comes before the desired ringtone as well. Do you know of a way to just delete the "chirps" sound from my phone completely? I've got Astro but can't seem to find the file location.
  4. FloridaCracker

    FloridaCracker Active Member

    My phone is not rooted and I'm not going to root it either, for warranty purposes. Just an FYI

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