Nokia e71 to Samsung 8.9: is any form of tethering available?Support

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  1. Robert Sc

    Robert Sc Member

    I wish to tether my Nokia e71 to my Samsung (I have a 3G SIM card in my Nokia). There do not seem to be any options to use Bluetooth tethering on my Samsung. I installed Joikuspot on my Nokia, but my Samsung does not recognise the new network - the Joikuspot forum states that "Some Android tablets block ad hoc wifi connections."

    I do not wish to allow root access on my Samsung - even if there is a solution.

    Is there any way that I can share my e17 internet with my Samsung?

  2. CafeKampuchia

    CafeKampuchia Well-Known Member

  3. Robert Sc

    Robert Sc Member

    I've tried using Smart Wifi Scanner, which can detect AdHoc networks. It finds the network from my Nokia, but when I try to connect I get "AdHoc is not supported by Android Platform yet!". I suspect that this could be fixed with a custom ROM but I don't want to mess with my new investment! I was also not able to detect the AdHoc network with my son's Galaxy SII running ICS, so I suspect that this won't be possible when the 8.9 upgrades to ICS.

    I think it takes more than this. This method describes how to pair the two devices, but every time I've used Bluetooth tethering in Linux I need to run PPPD and write a script that contains the APN. I daresay this could be done with Android with a custom ROM too.

    So it looks like I just need to purchase a data SIM card and not do this
  4. Jesslynh

    Jesslynh Well-Known Member

    I am far from an expert, but I used my G2 to tether my GTab all the time so I'll offer this. When I configured my wifi hotspot on my phone, I set it up with WPA2 PSK security. That worked wonderfully until I became the proud owner of a TMo mobile broadband device.

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