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  1. ILikePeeps

    ILikePeeps Member

    I noticed it seeming like the lighting of the phone was lit as well (but black), not just the led square that moves.

    Anyone else notice? Is the lighting (black) of the screen only for a short while after getting a text or w/e, or does it stay on constantly?

    Because it might be lame if I get a text while I'm asleep, and the phone is lit up black for HOURS. Perhaps it's a temporary black lighting?

  2. SamsungVibrant

    SamsungVibrant Well-Known Member

    Yes, when NoLed is activated upon a notification, the background is black, however it is infact actually lit.

    If you are in a pitch black room, you can see the black background is actually lit.

    With that said, I have not noticed any negative effects to my battery life.

    Nothing noticable.

    NoLed is hands down the BEST app created for the vibrant in my opinion.
  3. ILikePeeps

    ILikePeeps Member

    Thanks for the response. Do you know if the lighting goes away as if the screen is off, except for the square(s) being active? Or does the backlighting stay on constantly?
  4. w_bovine

    w_bovine Well-Known Member

    There's a setting in NoLED to turn it off for a period of time. I have it set to turn off between 9:00 PM and 5:15 AM. Just hit Menu and find Time attributes under Time settings.
  5. SamsungVibrant

    SamsungVibrant Well-Known Member

    You can click the power button and it will turn the notifications off, or you can do what bovine said.

    However, since I need notifications 24/7, even in the middle of the night, I leave it on. I don't like being woken up by my cell phone going off, but I do awake often and love seeing my notifications.

    Personally never had issues with battery life in conjunction with noled
  6. San Antone RR

    San Antone RR Well-Known Member

    I just installed this app. It makes waking my Vibrant very slow. I have to hit the power button several times to make the display turn on. Not liking that at all.
    Non-rooted Vibrant running 2.1.
  7. ILikePeeps

    ILikePeeps Member

    If you get a notification, don't hit the power button, hit the home button and then drag the puzzle piece over or w/e your phone may be set to?

    Also, a cool thing with NoLed that can be done besides setting times for it to turn off and back on, it have the widget on the main page, and after you get in bed, press the widget and it deactivates NoLed. Then after you wake up, press the widget again, and voila, it activates! :D
  8. SamsungVibrant

    SamsungVibrant Well-Known Member

    I second what ipeeps said, you are not suppose to hit the power button, you are suppose to hit the capacitive home button. Hitting power basically turns the notification off, hitting power again brings it back.
  9. San Antone RR

    San Antone RR Well-Known Member

    Figures. I am all ass-backwards. Been on an IPhone for years. Just figuring out the Android platform. I am now wondering why I waited so long to leave Mr. Jobs and his platform.
  10. ILikePeeps

    ILikePeeps Member

    Welcome! Haha. :p
  11. San Antone RR

    San Antone RR Well-Known Member

    Waddyaknow? I do like you guys said and it just WORKS.

    Thanks. Now to grab my nuts and root.
  12. rayn1328

    rayn1328 Well-Known Member

    god i want to try root so bad........but my nuts shrivel up everytime i read a post on how to....and anything that mentions brick.
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  13. w_bovine

    w_bovine Well-Known Member

    Just rooting? It's pretty hard to brick by just rooting. Even if that happens, Odin is there to save the day. Read up on it; Odin is your friend in times of need.

    Do you know about the Vibrant Bible? Check it out...lots of good resources there.

    [REF]***Vibrant Directory(Bible)Rev2.2--Time: the 4th dimension--***(11/30/2010)*** - xda-developers
  14. sjetexas

    sjetexas New Member

    is there a way to get exchange email accounts to work with NOLED? It picks up my gmail account, but I am not seeing an option for my work email in the NOLED program options. This exchange account has always created a notification in the notification bar like gmail and sms do. Thanks!
  15. viking72viking

    viking72viking New Member

    I am unable to create a widget for the home screen, thereby enabling the app.
  16. epr01pk

    epr01pk New Member

    Hey, I recently installed noLed and now the screen stays on all the time, It only turns off if I press the power button, is this some kind of option? I want it to turn off automatically, what should I do?

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