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non-covered tablet suggestions for better grip & edge smoothingGeneral

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  1. elbillo

    elbillo Member

    okay, I use a transformer prime tf700t , I find the edges a little sharp, and the back is too slick to hold on my palm while tapping the screen. if you have any suggestions to resolve these issues that would be awesome. I tried using some hockey tape (players wrap the stick handle & blade w/ it), applying strips along the back, but the adhesive is too weak, it (the tape) "rolls" up, and it's (again the tape) not tacky enough to prevent the tablet from sliding. I might use it along the edges though. I'm thinking a rubberized adhesive-backed "skin" would be ideal but am unclear how to find anything like this. suggestions/solutions ?

  2. pucrepeap

    pucrepeap Well-Known Member

    Double sided duct tape.
  3. DSG04lightning

    DSG04lightning Well-Known Member

    you can go to a home improvement store and they sell tape anti skid tape. The adhesive is pretty good and its designed to help grip on ladders/running boards when wet.
  4. elbillo

    elbillo Member

    thank you, the idea came to me they sell stickers & tape strips for the bathtub, that's probably a great way to try.
  5. TexasBadger

    TexasBadger Well-Known Member

    How about wearing rubber gloves?
  6. gmermel

    gmermel Well-Known Member

    I suggest using the full front/ back zagg screensaver. Depending on your preferences you can apply just the back. It is pretty tacky. I know this because we have it on our iPad. So much so that I, personally, don't like it.
  7. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy VIP Member

    Why not get a cheap case? I'm sure they sell TPU-style cases for the TF700
  8. GabrielStorm

    GabrielStorm Member

    The mod beat me to it, as did the poster who mentioned the full zagg protection. Along those lines are skins. Might help.

  9. elbillo

    elbillo Member

    I guess I'm swimming against the tide here, but I want to keep the form-factor as small as possible. I found some rubber stripping for keeping carpets in place. it might work. Roberts - 50-545 <strong>Roberts</strong> Traction Non-Slip Rug Strip sold @ home depot .

    I've got a custom-sewn padded messenger bag being made for it, should be done tonight. I'll post pictures when it's ready. UPDATE EDIT: photos ... (ok i can't figure how to put them in, I uploaded them to the site, don't see them on this post or my account page). email or private message or whatever if interested. p.s. lowe's has the same stuff + some white gooey carpet tape, I'll probably try them both in-store....

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  10. retmotor

    retmotor Member

    The back of the tablet is aluminum, the function of which is to radiate heat away from the internal components. I just wonder what effect, if any, covering some or all of the back panel will have on this.
  11. elbillo

    elbillo Member

    thank you retmotor, I've been meaning to get back here. I picked up the non slip after trying it in store. I am pleased I finally got this taken care of. here are pictures. the tablet feels a lot better now, with no slippage/discomfort during use. I think for someone concerned about heat dissipation they could cut the outer 1/2" of the strip(s), applying small stripes along the area they would be "palming" the tablet. this stuff is really sticky, I have had no issues of edge rolling up. in the photos, please look outside the reflection to see the cloth tape along the edges. oh, lastly, I think this "fix" dissipates way more heat than using the tablet with a case/cover so I'm really not worried.

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