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Non-Descriptive Forum Thread TitlesGeneral

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  1. Goodspike

    Goodspike Well-Known Member

    I'm not the only one here who has complained of threads where the title doesn't give you a clue about the question being asked. The person asking the question apparently expects people to open every thread.

    Anyway, I have noticed a solution, so I thought I would pass it along. If you over over the thread title, the first several words of the post shows up, which typically gives you some idea of the (first) question being asked.

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  2. kisby

    kisby Well-Known Member

    I agree that thread titles should be more descriptive. I don't mean to pick on any one person, but thread titles such as "question," "please help," "does any one else have this problem," are annoying. Usually, I won't even open the thread.
  3. Goodspike

    Goodspike Well-Known Member

    Same here. And the reason I didn't notice the question text appearing for so long is I usually open threads with the down arrow--first unread icon.
  4. APBTx2

    APBTx2 Active Member

    I agree with Kisby, I won't read their posts.
    If the author of the thread doesn't have the common courtesy to put some effort in to a simple thread title, why reward them by reading or helping? If everyone ignored these posts, we wouldn't have as many, or they would filter to the bottom quickly.
  5. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood Moderator

    This is a support forum, we are here to help others.

    Deleting members threads who are in need of assistance just because the title only says "help" would get nothing accomplished.

    How about suggesting a title change to the member so its more descriptive? Or reporting it for a mod to make a change.

    While descriptive titles certainly help a person get the right advice faster, its not a requirement for getting it.
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  6. Goodspike

    Goodspike Well-Known Member

    I don't think anyone suggested that. But just suggesting people do something (better titles) doesn't make it happen.

    I posted my tip because it does make it easier for people to help.

    BTW, "So this . . .." was the title that prompted this thread. And as noted, I and others have complained about titles in the past. It doesn't help (much).
  7. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood Moderator

    The post above mine referenced it before it was edited

    Your tip is a good one, my post wasn't directed at that :thumbup:

    I like using tapatalk because it'll show you the first few lines of each thread
  8. Goodspike

    Goodspike Well-Known Member

    Ahh, the ninja edit. :D
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  9. lotus49

    lotus49 Well-Known Member

    I just don't read them.

    There is an example below with the idiotic title "So this...". I just didn't read it. I always try to be helpful on this forum and you can see by the reasonable proportion of thanked posts I have that I have been able to be helpful on many occasions, but if the OP can't even be bothered to summarise the post in the title, I cannot be bothered to read it.

    My solution is that we should all ignore posts with useless titles. Perhaps the posters would learn some sense.
  10. Goodspike

    Goodspike Well-Known Member

    There's probably a better chance of Democrats and Republicans in Congress coming together and actually trying to solve our problems. :D
  11. lotus49

    lotus49 Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately you are probably right. At least I shan't waste my time trying to help people who cannot be bothered (or don't have the sense) to try to help themselves.
  12. marine one

    marine one Well-Known Member

    I'm sure everyone who has posted here knows that if you put your cursor on the title of the unopened post it will show the first several words of the post. Sort of a preview of the post, if you will.

    Usually if the post has the word question in the title I'll at least hold the cursor over the title and take a look. From there I'll decide if it might be of interest or if I can help.

    Just my opinion, but I'd hate to think of the message we send about this group to someone who has just purchased an S4 and joined this forum looking for help and answers with a thread like this one.
  13. shmn

    shmn Well-Known Member

    The message is: learn how to be a courteous forum member. Pretty simple.

    And most of the problematic posts are from "drive-by" "members" looking for some quick help when all they need to do is search Google or this forum. The same questions get asked over and over and if they weren't too lazy to search we wouldn't have to deal with same questions and lame post titles over and over and over.
  14. dynomot

    dynomot Well-Known Member

    I feel picked on ! LOL ;)

    No not really, I accept my very first thread here at the SGS4 had an unambiguous title, it was meant to. I was fairly well known on the SGSII forum, and as well as helping each other we had a laugh as well. So much so at one bit there was talk of "banning" banter threads.

    While I accept such "banter threads" can clutter up the forum, unless a mod complains to me I won't change my posting style, more often than not I don't use misleading or unambiguous thread titles and never post purely "jokey" threads. If your curious enough to open a thread with a daft title, that's your problem, and the OP should not really expect real help anyway. I posted my "So This...." is thread because I was pretty sure who would open it out of curiosity, no real harm done. I am surprised it irked some of you, I'm sorry, I will try and make any new thread titles more informative in future.
  15. marine one

    marine one Well-Known Member

    I agree, however it should be remembered that courtesy is a two way street. Many people come here frustrated and looking for answers. Some are not as savvy as most when it comes to searching. In addition, the search engines on most forums leave a lot to be desired in terms of accuracy. The other thing I've seen here is that we get a significant number of people who post from many different parts of the world, who may not have the best English language skills.

    I've seen the same issue on other forums over and over again, whether it's on a boating forum [where the criticism by the self-appointed duty experts got so bad that I haven't visited in about 3 years], or the Corvette forum where I am currently an active member.

    My point is this: This forum exists to help people. When it gravitates to the point where we become focused on post quality, we will turn some people off. When we lose a member we lose a potential contributor.
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  16. lotus49

    lotus49 Well-Known Member

    Perhaps I should make myself clear specifically on the subject of your "So this...." thread. It didn't annoy me and indeed it doesn't annoy me when people post threads with uninformative titles, I just don't read them.

    People should be free to create threads with as informative or uninformative titles as they wish, but they need not expect anyone to read them if the title gives no indication of what the thread is about.

    It's not my business to tell other people what to do, but nor will I go out of my way to help someone who won't help themselves.
  17. MLSS

    MLSS Well-Known Member

    It seems like there are some forum members who feel entitled......

    I am not a big fan of titles like "help" or "question" but if they are too "lazy" to put a better title aren't you (those who have such a huge problem that they can't be bothered to read such posts) also being "lazy" by not clicking on the topic to investigate further?

    There are posters from several different country's and English isn't always there first language.
    All I have to say is get over it!!

    If you are too good to help someone because the title to there post isn't descriptive enough then I don't want your help either........ Smh
  18. akaivyleaf

    akaivyleaf Well-Known Member

    I on the other hand rarely look at titles of threads (or e-mails from groups). On this forum, I click on a thread and read it, then click on "previous thread" and read the next one etc...until I reply to one. Then I have to start all over again on my method of reading/replying to threads. Titles don't mean that much to some people, who will be helpful if they can, anyway.
  19. Goodspike

    Goodspike Well-Known Member

    If you read what I wrote, I was pointing that out in the very first post. If you read what I wrote later, I hadn't known of that feature because I always use the "first unread" icon rather than clicking on the thread title. That's why I was pointing it out to others.

    Hopefully the message is: "If you don't have a descriptive thread title, you're less likely to get an answer because many people will ignore your question and not read it." But in any case, the point of this thread was to help the people who answer questions, not to try to get people asking questions to use descriptive titles. As I've made clear above, I think the latter is impossible and a waste of time. For one thing, there are too many new members popping in all the time.
  20. Goodspike

    Goodspike Well-Known Member

    It's a matter of time. Some of us have other things to do. I can't imagine reading every thread here.
  21. marine one

    marine one Well-Known Member

    Relax. I read what you wrote. No need to reexplain and certainly not worth getting worked up about.

    New Device = New Members. We were all "new" at one point here.

    From my perspective this issue sends a negative message, especially to those from other parts of the world with less than perfect English language skills, and with new folks who may not know how to ask for the information they require.

    This forum is an open and friendly place. I see no need to change that and hope it remains that way.

    Done here.
    Peace out.
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