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  1. healeyx76

    healeyx76 New Member

    As of 4 days ago my Incredible, after booting, will occasionally have non-responsive buttons and screen. It will also boot up fine some times, then after 10 minutes the buttons and screen no longer respond.
    The clock still changes time AND the POWER button still will put the screen to sleep and bring it back out.

    Nothing in my habits have changed other than I went on a vacation to mexico, and left it off in my room most of the time. It was SORT of humid, but nothing crazy. No more than last summer. Temps weren't that high either.

    I have taken out the battery (many times).
    I have recharged the battery to full.
    I have cleaned the battery contacts.

    I think if I boot when the battery is at 100% it has a higher chance of working than if the battery is at 50%, though that could have been coincidence.

    Is this just a sign of a bad battery? Maybe it DID overheat or something and ruin it, and now the battery can't supply enough voltage or current draw to keep the inputs functioning?

    I'm not sure what else to do.

  2. bigb3456

    bigb3456 Well-Known Member

    If you think its the battery, try a different one, buy a cheap $9 battery off of amazon (its the same as the stock battery)
  3. healeyx76

    healeyx76 New Member

    Its not the battery. I just restored to factory, tried a new battery.

    I'm wondering if the contacts under the screen are eroded or depressed, anyone have experience with this?

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