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Non-rooted desire s wont bootSupport

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  1. b4irooturu16

    b4irooturu16 New Member

    Hello all

    My desire s started to get slow and laggy and wouldnt boot(white htc screen only-not loop). Gave it a good charge and was ok for about a day but then happened again and tried with/without sd and sim card, from cold, after a long charge but no luck. Also when plug the charger in the status led turns orange only for a couple of seconds and goes out. Hboot wont let me factory reset or enter recovery.

    *** LOCKED ***
    RADIO- 3822.10.08.04_M
    Aug 22 2011, 15:22:13

    This may or may not be relevant but I previously sent phone back to htc when wouldnt power up or charge before and they said battery was faulty and sent it back with a new one. I then realised the micro usb lead was shorting and bought a longer asda :D one which has also now stopped charging!!! I thought maybe now this battery is no good but tried booting phone with another good battery and same thing.

    I have read lots of information on similar problems but this not a rooted phone and not the loop only the white htc screen.

  2. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    Hello and welcome to Android Forums. If it's not a hardware problem, the only suggestion I would have is a factory reset. This might fix your problems... and might not. Getting laggy etc sounds like a software problem. If you do decide to do a factory reset... be certain to back up everything of value to you such as pics and texts etc...

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