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  1. TheSuperman

    TheSuperman Well-Known Member

    Is there a way to take a screen capture with a none rooted RAZR?

    I was able to do it on my Galaxy S, by holding the back button for a few seconds, then pressing the power button.

  2. you2

    you2 Well-Known Member

  3. okwat

    okwat New Member

    No root screenshot it. Jusr Google the apk . You set it up on the pc just the first time
  4. deno73

    deno73 Well-Known Member

    Power button and volume down button at the same time and hold for about 3 seconds..
  5. HTTR

    HTTR Well-Known Member

    Once you get Ice Cream Sandwich you can screen shot with volumer rockers and power button. If not ICS you can take snap shots of web pages if you are using Dolphin Broowser, there is an add on called screen cut.
  6. deno73

    deno73 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I jumped the gun on that one a little, I kinda figured everybody has ics by now.... Opps
  7. mdp23

    mdp23 New Member

    Where is the screenie, once you capture it?
  8. HTTR

    HTTR Well-Known Member

    Look in "my gallery"...
  9. ZooCrazie

    ZooCrazie Well-Known Member

    On my razr once I capture the picture it stays in my notification bar until I check it out..
  10. vpelton

    vpelton Well-Known Member

    Sorry for being a newbie, but still not sure how to do this. I tried to hold down the power button, then press the volume button. Also tried the opposite. Also tried pressing both at the same time. Didn't look like anything happened. How do I do this.
  11. james98520

    james98520 Well-Known Member

    Long as have ICS you can press and hold (at the same time) the power and volume down key for about 2-3 seconds and a screen shot will be taken. If you press the power button too soon before the volume down it should do the simulated battery pull.
  12. HTTR

    HTTR Well-Known Member

    Push the down volume button and the power button at the same time. Books it for a second and you should hear the shutter. Takes a little practice.
  13. james98520

    james98520 Well-Known Member

    Volume down unless your RAZR is different. ;-)
  14. HTTR

    HTTR Well-Known Member is down :)
  15. vpelton

    vpelton Well-Known Member

    That is so cool. Pwr plus vol down did it (Pwr plus vol up did not work on my phone). I'm so thrilled. Thanks for the info. It stored it into internal memory. Any way to have it stored on the SD card? I have it set up so my camera stores pics to the SD card.

    I know I can move it later to the SD card, but it would be nice to have it stored there in the first place.

    Here are my instructions to myself:

    to take screen shot
    hold down power & volume down buttons at same time for a few seconds
    will hear shutter

    go to status bar to see picture
    or later, see with
    My Gallery; My library
    My Files; Pictures; Screenshots
    or when connected to computer, look under:
  16. james98520

    james98520 Well-Known Member

    I have not found a way to have the screen shits automatically goto a folder on SD card yet. Hopefully if there is a way someone will chime in as I'd like to set that up also.
  17. RWil85

    RWil85 Well-Known Member

    Dear god, I hope you meant screen *shots :eek:
  18. james98520

    james98520 Well-Known Member

    LMAO!!!!! Now that is funny. Yes, screen shot is what I meant. Darn I and O being too close together when typing fast.
  19. TravisG

    TravisG Well-Known Member

    That's no lie.

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