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Non-smart phone SIM card into MT3G?Support

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  1. Dan-droid

    Dan-droid Well-Known Member

    I'm just curious, I stepped up to a MT3G slide, and I'm curious if my girlfriend could benefit in any way from my old original MT3G by inserting the SIM card from her non-smart phone into it. Would it even work without a data plan? Otherwise, I'll likely put the original MT3G up for sale. Thanks in advance for any input!

  2. Swizz

    Swizz Well-Known Member

    If she doesn't have the data plan on it, ensure the phone is activated first. Afterwards she is free to insert her SIM and enjoy the phone.
  3. rachuff

    rachuff New Member

    i was told by tmobile pic messaging might not work with out the data plan

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