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    Hi, All:

    An avid ASUS fan here from Neptune, NJ (US of A).

    I got ,my Asus Transformer TF101 on Monday, 2011-Aug-22. (I was supposed to get it on Fri, but I had my headphones on and did not hear the UPS guy ring the doorbell. Grrr.!!!) This is my first foray into the Android world and I sometimes get confused. :confused:

    Glad to know about this forum. (That is, one of the few android forums in the cloud. 5 as of my last count; and I joined all.) :rolleyes:

    I was bummed out for a couple of days about the Netflix issue with Asus Transformer. :mad: One moment the link is available and then, next thing you know, it is gone. (Asus' facebook page explained that "it was all a mistake." The apk was a development version; not a production version; and all links to it were removed.)

    But fortunately my patience paid off in the wee hours of the morning. I was able to find the availability of the most recent Asus Transformer firmware update and a link for the "right" Netflix app -- a non-market version; a Dev version that does not complain that it is not compatible to my TF101. I am a happy camper now. Woo-hoo! :D

    I am an android newbie and still figuring out how to take a look at its innards.

    Looking for a site for taking an android tablet apart (i.e., figuratively speaking ;)) and "taking a look inside" and be an "admin" user. Any recommendations?

    (And BTW, how do you literally take the Transformer apart? I do not see any screws? Is it ever user serviceable? :confused:)

    I've been using my Asus Transformer for a few days now and I am finding that any activities that include high interaction with the browser (such as posting this intro post) are painfully sluggish. I tried Opera, Dolphin, the native Android Browser (Chrome junior???). All became sluggish when I am on a "Post New Thread" page of any one of the android-related forums that I joined, (Bummer.. Perhaps I should be expecting more that it is capable of.)

    So I am posting this using my Asus 1215N netbook. (I love, love, love my Asus 1215n netbook. Works like a charm. A good notebook replacement. I even use it for running eclipse; but I digress.) :rolleyes:

    One other problem that I am facing are my "windows-based" muscle memories. There are so many keystrokes that I am so used on a regular PC keyboard that I can even type up stuff in my sleep or with my eyes closed without making a mistake (an exaggeration, of course). These muscle memories do creep in when I am working on my Asus Transformer and I find myself dumbfounded when the actual response of my tablet is not the same one that I was expecting to happen.

    Had to be in the moment all the time, when I am using my Transformer. Part of the learning/ unlearning process....:)

    Funny thing is, since for a few days now I had been using my Asus Transformer with the docking keyboard and I sometimes touch the screen to make quick selections or do a quick screen scroll, I tend to do the same thing on my Asus 1215N netbook (and I just did it now to scroll up the edit screen). Huh!

    Anyway, I am happy to be here and be part of the Android world.

    Next target droid device: Motorola Droid Bionic

    BTW, one question: Why is the web page not rendering properly on Firefox 6.0? I am using chrome right now and things are just honky-dory. Will no use Chrome as a regular, though, since it eats up a lot of RAM space when used with multiple tabs (and I am one of those odd people who tend to use multiple tabs per session).

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    Hello and Welcome to Android Fourms!!

    It has been acting a little weird with the latest release (is it 6 already?) I too leave multiple tabs open at all times.....
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    Welcome to the Android Forums!

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