NOOB how to correctly flash patch for OneXXX 5.1.1 and then theme

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  1. shibby205

    shibby205 Member

    So this is a question not specifically directed at OneXXX users. Just people that can help me with what I'm trying to do. Any help is much appreciated.

    I am s-on/ unlocked with Newts OneXXX 5.0.8

    when installing the patch here is my order of operations:
    1. wipe caches
    2. flash stock kernel for s-on users
    3. flash rom (5.0.8)
    4. flash patch (5.1.1)
    5. flash boot.img extracted from 5.0.8 using "fastboot flash boot boot.img"

    cant seem to get past the htc screen though...when i install just 5.0.8 everything works fine!

    help please??

    and some help in the right direction to find how to install and apply themes would be great!

  2. shibby205

    shibby205 Member

    btw before anyone says it....yes im fastbooting my recovery
  3. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    if youre fastboot booting recovery,i dont believe you need to do anything but flash the new patch.

    if you give me some links,ill take a look,but you shouldnt really have needed to do your steps 2,3,or 5.

    so if youre currently not booting:
    1)fastboot boot amon
    2)full wipe data,cache,dalvik
    3)flash 5.0.8
    4)flash 5.1.1 patch
    5)reboot :)

    if you want,you can reboot between steps 3 and 4,but you shouldnt have to.

    if youre currently up and running,
    1)fastboot boot amon
    2)wipe cache,dalvik
    3)flash 5.1.1 patch
    4)reboot :)

    hope that helps :)
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  4. shibby205

    shibby205 Member

    Thanks for the response Scott. I had I feeling it was simpler than I was making it out to be. I'm gonna give it another shot this afternoon when I get off and let you know how it goes... I'll also post those links up in just a bit.
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  5. shibby205

    shibby205 Member

    so here is the link for the rom itself with the patch and stock kernel-

    then here is why i added what seem to be unnecessary steps. (cant find out if they are till this afternoon though) You'll see closer to the bottom of the page a user talks about having trouble installing "just the rom" and what steps other users suggested for him to do. Also there is something about installing the "global RUU"...dont really know what that is or if it is needed
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