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Noob Issue - "Unregistered SIM/Emergency Calls Only"Support

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  1. GoonerWing

    GoonerWing New Member

    Greetings all,

    I've searched the forum before posting this issue, but I couldn't seem to find the exact issue that I'm having.

    I've had my Galaxy S2 for about a week now, and whenever I am at work and the signal is low it displays the message "Emergency Calls Only/Unregistered SIM". Is this a result of the phone's inability to find a decent signal and an attempt to save power?

    Just a bit of a pain in the butt to reboot the phone every time this comes up, unless there is another solution. Thoughts? Suggestions?


  2. PeaveyAxe

    PeaveyAxe Member

    I have this issue in Alberta as well, have tried new SIM once, also did a factory reset, but does not help. I find toggling flight mode on and off works for me to get the message to go away though, (also restores data connection). Hopefully new firmware fixes this in the future.
  3. enojy

    enojy Active Member

    In my experience (yet not with the Galaxy S2,) having an extremely poor signal will toggle the "Emergency calls only" text, just to inform you why normal calls won't process if you were to try and make one. In your case, the message likely means "unregistered sim" OR "emergency calls only," so your sim card is likely fine.

    It wouldn't hurt to open the phone and secure the sim card in place, especially if your phone is susceptible to being jostled around/dropped/etc.
  4. GalaxyAcer

    GalaxyAcer New Member

    its becus your on "2G" network. Go to your settings and switch it off so it goes back to whatever higher network your regularily on. Go back to home screen and wait until the screen auto locks. Hit Home and you should see the Unregistered SIM error message gone and replaced by possibly your carrier.

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