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  1. jewishdave

    jewishdave New Member

    ok so really, i just got my G1 yesteday. i love it yesterday. while i've installed custom OS's and done stuff like that on my old windows mobile phone, i kind of just wanted to stick with the regular factory G1 (at laest for now) and not root it...

    so i have a 2gb microSD and i was thinking about switching over to an 8gb one so I can add a nice sized mp3 collection as well...

    i have 2 questions:

    1) let's say i start downloading some apps and games, putting on mp3s and taking pictures, etc etc etc in the meantime until i get the 8gb card, will i just be able to transfer over everything from the 2gb to the 8gb card (i'm guessing just temporarily copy it all over to a folder on my pc and then copy from there over to the new 8gb card), and everything will be just the same as it was.

    2) and i know this makes question 1 sound kinda dumb, but i'm under the impression from reading the forums that it's impossible (without rooting the phone) to specify where apps and games and whatnot download to... so what exactly happens when you have a whole bunch of stuff downloaded? i mean i haven't even really gone crazy with downloading games and apps yet, and i can tell this is going to be an addiction haha. so does my internal memory just get full and then the system gets bogged down, and all you can do is delete the apps (and redownload them later i suppose) to free up space when you have multiple gbs of freespace sitting on the sd card? kinda a little confused on that one... can anyone help me out here?

    and yes i am searching the forums right now but not quite getting the answers i'm trying to find... thanks for the help.

  2. justjimjpc

    justjimjpc Premium Member VIP Member

    No 1.) Just to be prepared Format your SDCards as FAT32 ... and yes you can copy from SDCard to folder on PC and then copy back onto another SDCARD..
    using the data cable ...

    No. 2.) You don't get to choose where things are downloaded to ... The OS system puts Free Apps in one sytem memory dir ... Paid apps in a different system memory dir .... Music and data created by many apps are stored on the SDCARD ...

    Eventually as you use up internal memory from Downloading apps ... you will start to ge LowMemory warnings... You can uninstall apps to make room for new apps by deleting other apps ....

    That is why many of us have rooted our phones and use AppsTOSD and store apps and Dalvic-Cache on the SDCARD ... this will also help the Phone OS run faster if you were in a low memory condition before ...
  3. jewishdave

    jewishdave New Member

    hmm... so maybe i should just have some fun with it and then root it once i get my 8gb card.

    hey another question, i actually just hooked my phone up to usb and it's not recognizing the phone... it charges but the phone doesn't recognize that its a usb connection and winxp doesn't recognize the phone. strange? i'm not using the cable that came with the phone but it is a usb to mini-usb cable that's worked before on other phones for me... any idea?
  4. justjimjpc

    justjimjpc Premium Member VIP Member

    Use the Cable that came with the Phone ... It allows charging and Data access ...

    When you hook up the cable you can use the Data feature ..
    A USB symbol will appear in the Notification Bar at the top of the Display ... open that bar and select the USB ... and then Select MOUNT .. that allows the PC to see the SDcard as a USB Drive ... just like any USB memory stick, thumb drive ...
  5. jewishdave

    jewishdave New Member

    thanks. one more question then i'll leave you alone for now. when i was taking a look at the rooting guide (which i'm going to wait on for a little bit) all i saw was all the custom versions of the OS that are available. is there one that's just basically the exact same as 1.5 but with the ability to use app2sd?

    thanks. i promise its the last question for now! :)
  6. justjimjpc

    justjimjpc Premium Member VIP Member

    There are several version of 1.5 or (cupcake) ... I use one that is very stable (see my signature) ...

    Once you root an of the various build can potentially allow AppsToSD ... but some do not ... so care in choosing is important ...
  7. punkzanyj

    punkzanyj Well-Known Member

    Any USB to USB-mini cable should work, I''ve been using the same one for EVERYTHING for a couple years now, and use it for my G1 as well. But perhaps yours is having issues.

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