noob question (mele a2000 setup)

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  1. livestockpimp

    livestockpimp New Member

    Hey everyone,
    I have recently purchased a mele a2000 unit and have been wanting to hook it up with xbmc on the external mxplayer option.
    the problem is (and I have literally zero android exp).
    I was under the assumption i goto the market place and download (at least mx player) although the market place is all in chinese... (the language and locality etc are all my local AU settings though) so I cant do that.

    I then tried to download some apk files and even they wouldnt work. something about an issue with them.

    i think the path I need to go down is replace the android installation with something else (non mele branded 4.0.4).

    can someone point me in the right direction there seems to be no guides on this.

    I am definatly tech savvy so i dont need an idiots guide (have been a systems admin on Linux and windows for over 10 years).

  2. livestockpimp

    livestockpimp New Member

  3. elricoloco

    elricoloco New Member

    yes i can, you should download the latest official beta firmware from mele, that one is completely in englisch including the official google play market.. worked perfect for me.
    because it is my first post i can not post here the link , but just google on
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  4. mikedt

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