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Noob question: Missed vs Answered vs Ignored callsSupport

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  1. TheLandYacht

    TheLandYacht Member

    Question from a noob just coming over from the WinMo Darkside.

    On WinMo (and all other previous dumb-phones), you had 3 different types of calls in your call-log.

    Outgoing calls: That's obvious.
    Answered calls: That's obvious too.
    Missed calls: Anything that rings through OR gets "Ignored" (pressing the "end" key to ignore it)

    But what I've noticed on my new Android (Sanyo Zio running Froyo) is this. In the call log I see the following.

    Outgoing calls: Same as above.
    Answered calls: Answered calls AND calls that are manually "Ignored"
    Missed calls: Only calls that ring through.

    Is this a "feature", or am I doing something wrong? Or is there a way to change this? I don't wanna have to "let it ring" just so the "ignored" calls show up properly in the call log.

  2. TheLandYacht

    TheLandYacht Member

    is this a Zio thing, or true of all Android fones?

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