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noob question re: froyo

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  1. aprillh

    aprillh Well-Known Member This Topic's Starter

    May 2, 2010
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    I'm relatively new to Android coming from WinMo and I have been really happy with my new 'phone' (it's so much more than that, isn't it?). Now I'm reading about the Froyo update, and how everyone is rooting their phones and flashing and tethering and I am so freaking lost! I don't want to do all that stuff to my poor, innocent phone and I won't because I will certainly brick it. But my simple question is, will a Froyo update become available to the masses or is the only way to get the newest, hottest version of Android is to buy a new phone?


  2. trick202

    trick202 Well-Known Member

    Aug 26, 2009
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    Hmmm, that's not all that straightforward to answer.

    With Android, there's always a way. You need to spend a little time over on XDA to see when new ROMs are being released etc.
    If you want to root/hack/mod, then you'll be OK for quite some time yet (your device is way overspecced for the OS it's running).
    If you want it to stay virginal, then you'll either have to be very patient, or be prepared to upgrade every 9 - 12 months to stay on top of the OS advancement.

    I think fragmentation issues are subsiding now. Not because things are pulling into line - just because there aren't really that many decent games out there for Android to get fussy about. The problem is still there - it's just not really affecting us anymore.

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