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  1. red meg

    red meg New Member

    I installed HTC Sync on my computer from download on the HTC site. When I try to get the computer to talk nice to the Android, Sync just says "No device detected." I've tried plugging them in different orders, rebooting my machine, rebooting my phone and re-installing Sync on the computer (XP.) No dice. The phone seems to recognize what's going on, because when I look at the running processes on the phone, the HTC sync process starts running.

    But nothing pops up on the phone (should it? I dunno, I've never had it running right) and as I said, Sync on the desktop never even recognizes the phone is there. My computer knows it's there-- chirps, recognizes new hardware, etc. Just can't get Sync to find it.

    Help? :)



  2. eschnit81

    eschnit81 Well-Known Member

    Have you tried maybe downloading usb drivers for the phone before plugging it into a usb port to talk to the program? Never used HTC Sync, but I would imagine you still need a driver for the phone ur plugging in...

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