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  1. burtonvdp

    burtonvdp Well-Known Member

    Can anyone verify the ability to install the Nook app on the new fire HD? I doubt you can install it from the store but has anyone side loaded it yet? I get in theory why Amazon does this but it makes it really hard to get away from the Nook platform.

    I'm thinking of getting my wife one but she is deeply rooted in B&N because it was the first reader / only reader she has owned. I like the idea of her being able to get content from either side or at least having access to her older content..... I was thinking of getting her a Nexus 7 but TBH I don't think the screen is optimized for reading. I have one and the letters tend to wash out.... and I think she would do better with a skinned version of android as she is an iOS person other than her reader.

    Thanks for any help you can give!

  2. Elevener

    Elevener Active Member

    I looked, you cannot get the app in the amazon store, but that was pretty much a given :)

    I found and downloaded bn.ereader- (APK file) on and used Easy Installer 1.10 (which I already had installed) to install the APK.

    Everything went fine, no errors or anything out of the ordinary. I don't have a B&N account, and have never used it, but it looks like it installed just fine. I opened the app and it took me to the sign-up page.

    Hope that answers your question, it looks like it works just fine.
  3. burtonvdp

    burtonvdp Well-Known Member

  4. Ih8apple

    Ih8apple Active Member

    Send to me Amazon would be smart to offer some sort of "swap your old ebooks for free" program to encourage converts.
  5. OUJukebox

    OUJukebox Well-Known Member

    If she is deeply rooted in the B&N system already, why not get her the Nook HD+ ? It is an awesome piece of hardware for the price ($30 cheaper than the Kidle Fire HD 8.9.

  6. JaxH

    JaxH New Member

    There's a very easy way to do this. Enable 3rd party downloads, go to, download the Getjar app, and then download the Nook app from there. I am using a 7 inch Kindle Fire HD and it took me maybe 5 minutes to do, tops.
  7. burtonvdp

    burtonvdp Well-Known Member

    For options... Why lock yourself into one market if multiple can be had... Plus we have amazon prime for shipping already.
  8. garywsp

    garywsp Member

    I used my KFHD 8.9 browser to go directly to and download and install dropbox. I have Dropbox on my PC and on my android phone. I put the apk's into the pertinent dropbox folder (pc or phone) and install them from the kindle dropbox folder. Very simple. And the Nook app works fine. The Google Play Books app does not, however.

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