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  1. erixoltan

    erixoltan New Member

    I am writing to find out whether anyone has advice on the current best way to transform my Nook Color into a full android device where I can access the marketplace, get stock apps or even write my own apps to run on it.

    We bought a Nook Color over a year ago, and we haven't used it as an e-reader much. We want to make it into an android tablet and use other android apps on it. I have been looking on the web and auto-nooter looks like a good option although I understand there are other options involving Nookie Froyo or a honeycomb port.

    A lot of the information I am reading is over a year old right now, and I am sure there are more up to date details that I'm not finding easily. If anyone is more familiar with the best options for doing this, then I'd be very grateful if you help point me in the right directions.

    I do understand the risks involved.


  2. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique VIP Member

    Welcome to the forums, Erik! What firmware are you on as it will make a difference with rooting?
  3. erixoltan

    erixoltan New Member

    Thanks for replying!

    In the settings, for "software version" it says 1.4.3 and it's my understanding that this also refers to the firmware version.

  4. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

  5. bobstro

    bobstro Well-Known Member

    From this description, it sounds like you'll have little use for the B&N ecosystem (reader, library, store) and associated features (enhanced books & magazines, read-in-store). In that case, there's little reason to stick with the B&N firmware. I'm a big fan of running CyanogenMod 7 (the CM 7.2 Mirage release, specifically) on my NOOK Colors. Colchiro has a nice guide here on installing it. I wouldn't bother with booting it from uSD if the unit is over a year old since you're (presumably) out of warranty anyhow. Performance and reliability will be better if you over-write the stock firmware, though you need to realize this will well and truly void your warranty. The NC is a tank, though, and very very hard to permanently screw up with software. Go for it, and have fun.
  6. erixoltan

    erixoltan New Member

    I tried the instructions at the following:
    Barnes & Noble Nook Color: Full Update Guide - CyanogenMod Wiki

    I used Linux to create an SD card image on a 4 GB Micro SD card of uNooter.img. However when I connect the USB cable from the computer to the Color Nook, it powers on, the screen DOES come on and it boots right up rather than allowing uNooter to root the device.

    I will try overwriting the firmware next.
  7. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

    Are you sure you have the Nook Color and not the Nook Tablet?

    The tablet has a small microphone hole on the top, opposite of the earphone jack.
  8. erixoltan

    erixoltan New Member

    Smart idea to make sure I have the right model before I do anything drastic!

    It's a Nook Color model number BNRV200 and there's no microphone hole that I can see.
  9. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

    Did you see this: "This does not work with Software version 1.3.0."

    In other words, you have an old guide. If it doesn't work with 1.3, it won't work with 1.4 because they changed the file system. It still should boot, but it would fail when you formatted the file system and you'd have a Nook that wouldn't boot.

    Try making your bootable disk using the images on this guide:

    You can still use the same directions to flash the card (if you prefer), but you need newer images. Get it to boot then make sure you have the latest CM7 and gApps files.
  10. Knocks

    Knocks Active Member

    CyanogenMod 7 is the only option at this point and yeah, dump the B&N software

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