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Nook Color Running Android

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  1. Cuerbo

    Cuerbo Well-Known Member

    Has anyone come across a good review of this eReader. The B&N site is short on details besides the general ones and there doesn't seem to be any videos of actual hands-on except for the one with the lady from B&N. That video leaves a lot to be desired.

  2. nycnyc

    nycnyc Well-Known Member

    Haven't seen anything very substantial either. Guess we'll just have to wait until the 18th-19th for more detailed reviews.
  3. Cuerbo

    Cuerbo Well-Known Member

    Supposedly, you can find them at the store. For being a product they want to push to the masses, there's not a lot out there to read about it. They should have promoted it via the main sites like Cnet, Engadget, etc.
  4. nycnyc

    nycnyc Well-Known Member

    I don't think they're in store just yet. I do know they'll be shipping on the 19th.
  5. Cuerbo

    Cuerbo Well-Known Member

    Sorry, meant to say Demo units.
  6. uniquenameEVO

    uniquenameEVO Well-Known Member

    I'd like to see a spec sheet on it.
  7. mrspeedmaster

    mrspeedmaster Well-Known Member

    I'm keeping my eye on this device. It looks like it has solid hardware and a capacitive IPS screen. If this gets rooted and vanilla Android, this would be a sleeper device.

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