Nook Color SD Card Storage Loss

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  1. stucker1224

    stucker1224 Active Member

    I recently downloaded cyanogenmod 7.0.1 to my nook color. While in an effort to install cm7.1, I selected the "erase and deregister" option from the ROM Recovery. While this all was occuring, I paniced and shut down my nook color mid erase. This deregistered my nook and when I would boot up the sd card, it would stop at the "android_" . I formatted the sd card (originally 8gbs) and for some reason, I only have 117mbs of memory on the card. Would this be because I shut down the nook during the process? Is it the image written onto the sd card that caused it?

    Please help. I f you know anyway to regain the previous memory on the sd card please respond or give a link to where i should go. Please help.

  2. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

    Big rule in anything computer... don't stop installs/uninstalls while in progress. If you had let it finish, you'd lose all personal information, but you'd still have a bootable disk.

    117 mb is what you're supposed to have on the first partition that windows sees.

    There's no way to regain what you lost. I suspect your best bet would be to copy cm7.1 stable to your card, boot off of the sdcard while holding down the "n" button, boot into the sdcard recovery and:

    mounts and storage menu: format data, format cache
    advanced menu: clear Dalvik cache


    Please confirm ^^ this ^^ from someone familiar with sdcard installs before proceeding tho. :D

    If it doesn't want to come up after 5-6 minutes, you'll need to reflash your rom. You'll want advice from someone more knowledgeable with sdcard installs before doing that if there's info on your sdcard that you need to keep. It might be as easy as reflashing the rom from recovery, but I don't want to jeopardize your stock rom installation.

    Sorry, I've never done a sdcard install since I have no need for the stock rom or books and no longer own a NC.
  3. stucker1224

    stucker1224 Active Member

    Ive tried to install 7.1 but 117mbs isnt enough room to unzip thefiles and run 7.1. I read somewhere that if i download some software from the actual sd card website that it might give me access to a full stock reformatting of the sd card. Should i try that?
  4. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

    If you're trying to start over, you can completely erase your sdcard with this: SD formatter_3.1

  5. stucker1224

    stucker1224 Active Member

    Ok. Ill try that later. Buy the way, is there issues with the market on cm7 for nook? I can only download certain apps. Any ideas why?

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