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  1. DrDiff

    DrDiff Well-Known Member

    I love the idea of having wireless teather as emergency backup for internet service. It was one of the reasons why I rooted my Droid.
    It has come in very handy when setting up new computers and checking wirelss networks. Heck my sons Nintendo DSI can see the wireless tether.

    However my mothers NC will not connect to my wireless tether on my phone.

    Has anyone been able to tether a NC to any android phone?

  2. slatonyam

    slatonyam Active Member

    The Moto Droid 1 does not support adhoc connections but a user at XDA found a fix for it. I have a moto droid also and could not get it to connect to my NC either, until using this fix. Here is the link, just follow the instructions in the thread and you should be connected in no time.

    [FIX] AdHoc Wifi support on the NC! - xda-developers
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  3. DrDiff

    DrDiff Well-Known Member

    Thanks! If it were my NC, I'd root it and do the adHoc WiFi fix. But, not my NC.
  4. slatonyam

    slatonyam Active Member

    Sorry, I think I assumed you had a rooted NC since your Droid was rooted. Unfortunately they have not found a way to tether the NC to Droid if the NC is not rooted.
  5. trankster

    trankster Well-Known Member

    Works fine for me with my Verizon Droid Incredible. I am not rooted (NC and INC) and have been able to connect using the INC's 3G Mobile Hotspot.
  6. jayhawkfan18

    jayhawkfan18 Well-Known Member

    I was able to connect my rooted Incredible (running CM7) to the NC at the Barnes & Noble store, so the NC does not have to be rooted in order for it to see the Android device. Recent updates to Wireless Tether have allowed the NC to see it and connect to it from what I understand...
  7. Jerry-rigged

    Jerry-rigged Well-Known Member

    bump to subscribe...

    looks like I need to root first, hopefully that will happen soon! :D
  8. flu13

    flu13 Well-Known Member

    Just a tip - You don't have to post to subscribe to a thread. Just click Thread Tools at the top of the page.

    Good luck with the adhoc. I had trouble with it at first, and actually couldn't get it to work until I went to Phiremod.
  9. Jerry-rigged

    Jerry-rigged Well-Known Member

    anyone know if these instructions can be "translated" into Terminal Emulator?

    On the terminal, I am getting a permissions error (read only file) renaming the file in step 3...
  10. Jerry-rigged

    Jerry-rigged Well-Known Member

    Well, I figured out the permissions error - I needed to mount the drive rw before renaming the file. Got the file re-named, new file copyed in, changed the permissions, remounted teh drive ro, and now I have....

    No Wifi at all... :(

    crap-tastic... LOL

    Edit - Actually, I do have wifi, but still no adhoc... Oh well...
  11. flu13

    flu13 Well-Known Member

    Jerry, what are you running? I couldn't get adhoc networks to work at first until I loaded Phiremod. Now, it's working for me on CM7.
  12. Jerry-rigged

    Jerry-rigged Well-Known Member

    I am running "Custom nookie froyo",not sure the version...

    Currently planning on picking up a 2nd uSD card to load CM7. Don't know when I will get to the store, though...

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