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NOOK for Android: USA only

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  1. krischik

    krischik Member This Topic's Starter

    Mar 26, 2010
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    Looks like the most beautifully made eBook reader I know of.

    It does not have shop integration but integration with the Web-browser is almost seamless.

    But now the bad news: NOOK for Android only lets you read the books you buy at B&N. And this make the app completely useless, at least for me, as those books are ?These items ship to U.S. addresses only?.

    When will they ever learn? After all the first thing I did with iTunes was loading my existing collection. Only then I started shopping.

    After iTunes dropped DRM that is. Which is the 2nd fail of NOOK for Android: B&N eBooks are DRM infested.

    Like Kindle I will de-install the application again and forget all about B&N.



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