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  1. ZK57

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    I have two SD cards both 8GB. The one I put CM9 on it last night and it was working fine. Then I used another 8GB card to put on CM7 since CM9 was quite working right. I would freeze on my every so often. Now, neither card will boot. I can hold the power button forever and my nook will not turn on.

    My regular SD card is a 32 GB and that one works though now for some reason I have to hold the nook button down along with the power button for it to come on, I never had to before.

    I am not sure what happened, but I was wondering if anyone has ever had a similar problem.


  2. colchiro

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    If you don't have the right sdcard, it will freeze. You need a Sandisk class 2 or class 4 card for best performance. Faster cards will be slower since they're optimized for writing large pictures or video files, not the small files that Android uses.

    Have you worn out your power button? How old is this device?

    What is your 32 gb card, just a data card for your B&N rom? (or are all 3 bootable roms?)
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